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The book is now finished and is available in a number of formats (thanks to many kind readers who took the time to make them). There are undoubtedly still typos and mistranslations, so keep commenting (or emailing cosmos @ cadet-nine.org) when you find them and I’ll continue to edit the PDF a couple times a year.

Please do not upload these files anywhere else for people to download. This is in case I ever get told I’m violating copyright or whatever and I have to take down the files or the entire site.

Here’s a quick FAQ from the questions I’ve seen in the comments.

1. Can I translate the story to X language?
Yes, of course! If you want to send me a link, I can add it to the list of other translations on the site. Sending me an email (cosmos @ cadet-nine.org) is faster than leaving a comment.

2. What will you work on next/Will you translate X novel?
I’m not currently looking to translate any other novels, but I do know about Shin Sekai Zero-nen. It should be complete at the end of 2018 and if someone uploads the scans I’m open to translating it.

3. Can I post the files to another site?
There is always a chance that I’ll be told to take down the translation because of rights violations or something, so I would like to have control of where the files are (also easier to make sure people always get the most recent version). Please don’t upload the files to some other sharing site.

4. Can I donate?
I’m really flattered by all the offers I’ve gotten, but I never expected to get any form of payment for this. If you’d like, donate the money to a good cause :) This is a list of reputable organizations.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any pressing questions, you’ll get a faster reply by emailing me (cosmos @ cadet-nine.org) since I don’t check back here regularly.

Available downloads

From the New World PDF

  • updated Nov 3, 2018
  • updated Jul 18, 2018
  • updated Oct 19, 2017
  • updated Aug 5, 2017
  • updated Dec 11, 2016
  • updated Apr 28, 2016
  • uploaded Apr 26, 2016

From the New World epub

This is the complete novel using the Jul 18 version of the PDF

  • uploaded Nov 3, 2018

From the New World mobi, epub

Thanks to opticdelusion!
This is the complete novel using the Oct 19 version of the PDF

  • uploaded Oct 24, 2017


Additional thanks to Cris, Jan, dwanex and RW for older versions of the ebooks

Also, here’s a raw scan of the novel.

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  1. Hi. I am really sorry (I haven’t uploaded it so I guess I haven’t done something illegal yet). I used your pdf file and made a .epub with TOC, cover, and links. I wonder if you intrested on getting it so that you can upload it or just use it for your own purposes. I assume that you already knew this, but epubs are pretty sweet when it comes to reading novels, books, and texts on iPads, so it would be great if more people could get it.

    • eerabbit says:

      Sure I can upload it here under your name/username so you can get credit for it! Send me an email (:

      • I tried to sync the e-pub to my iBooks on iPhone to read but it doesn’t appear? Is there a problem with the e-pub or with my phone?

        • eerabbit says:

          oh no D: I don’t know if I can help with that since I don’t have an iPhone, but dwanex said that they work fine on iPads, so I assume there’s nothing wrong with the epub? Since I believe what works on one should work on the other?

          Maybe someone else can chime in about this?

          edit: I dug out my really old half-dead iPhone and gave it a shot. It does work, so I don’t think there’s a problem with the epub.

        • The epub should work. I tried it on my iPad air (iBooks and just now Marvin) and on Adobe Digital Edition. It was a while ago I used iTunes to sync my iPad so I can’t really give you support on that point. Because I jailbreaked my iPad air (it is kind of illegal and you shouldn’t do it unless you kind of know what it is about because there are disadvantages to it) I mainly use iFunbox to add files to my iPad. But this is how I would do it:
          1. get the file on some other app which can read the file and then open the file in another application. I usually use Dropbox or iFunbox to sync.
          2. find the file in the app and open it
          3. it won’t open but if you get Dropbox it will ask whether you want to open the book in another application. do that and choose your reading app (personally I switched from iBooks to Marvin a while ago)

          • i recently discovered this site and i really really love Shinsekai Yori and was pleased to see that there was an epub version of this translation. Since you did part I-II, would you be so kind to tell me how you made these epubs? I like to read on my kindle, but pdfs are a pain xD You don’t have to tell me everything, just were to start. That would be pretty nice, and thank you in advance :)

            Have a nice day!

  2. Hi. I come from Poland and Shin Sekai Yori really charmed me. As i know, many people in my country love this novel as firmly as me and want to read it in their native language so i decided to start translating. Getting straight to the point, i took advantage of your translation. I hope you do not mind it, however, i want to make shure so if you have something against just reply me, and i will deleate it.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! Your hard work is appreciated.

  4. Nathan Saugstad says:

    Hey, I was looking through the current edition of Part I-III and I found some minor mistakes, mostly with quotation marks:
    On page 96, there is a backwards quotation mark in paragraph 6.
    On page 131, there is a backwards quotation mark in paragraph 18.
    On page 142, there is a backwards quotation mark in paragraph 19.
    On page 155, there is a backwards quotation mark in paragraph 16.
    On page 166, “nestling” should be a plural “nestlings” in paragraph 17.
    On page 172, in the second to last paragraph there is a backwards quotation mark.
    On page 175, there is a backwards quotation mark with improper spacing in paragraph 11.

    • eerabbit says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have them fixed the next time I update the pdfs (when Part IV comes out)

  5. Hi there, I just wanted to thank you. Really. For your time, effort and work.
    I’ll be sure to read the whole thing (a few months ago I read already the first part, I think). And the work was just… Perfect. So, thanks again for willing to translate this novel :)

    • My thoughts exactly. Thanks Laura for making my thanks easy and thanks again eerabbit for the awesome translation :D

  6. I’d like to say thank you for all your hard work! I’ve been wanting to read this series very badly since the anime came out. I finally got it in Korean but my Korean isn’t the best. It makes me happy that you took the time to translate the series because it helps a lot when I can’t understand certain phrases.
    Just to let you know I appreciate all your hard work, thank you!

  7. chaika fan.. says:

    hi there… would you be interested in editing hitsuki no chaika for me?? im starting the project in july… would like to see many fans born because of the effort people around the globe translators

  8. Hi. I really love this anime, and I really want to read it when I learned that this anime was based on a book. I’m happy that I found this website. Thank you so much. I have a question though, how many chapters this book have?

  9. timgorden11 says:

    Just wanted to thank you for doing the original novels. I recently finished the anime and it was so good that I thought I’d check out the source material.

    So thanks again for your hard work :)

  10. Wow, what a dream! Thank you so much for your time, effort, and hard work on the translations! It is deeply appreciated.

  11. I really thank you so much for making this translation.. I know it’s not easy..
    I got really interested in reading the novel after finishing the anime, which was spectacular while there’re points that feels inadequate, & the books are always better than whatever adaptations that were made from them..
    Pls keep up a good work, for I’ll be eagerly awaiting new releases..

  12. Hi… I follow you and the project since January 2013… Every two days I check if there’s a new post…
    The true is, I’ve just read the first chapter, and some posts, sometimes…. I’ve watched the anime when It came out in 2012 and I really apreciate the work you’ve done so far. I understand that my words are meaningless, why wouldn’t I write something before? Godness, the time flew in a blink of a eye. At first I tought you would gave up the whole project, but even if you travelled for months, and studied for exams you still have continued translating. I don’t even know if my english is correct, so I’m sorry. I’ll support you, until the end from Italy! Thank you. Sincerely.

  13. Thank you very much for your hard work. I´ve just finished the anime and I may say that was incredible. I hope you´ll continue with this and be sure that I´m gonna be supporting you! Sorry if I make any writing mistake.

    Greetings from Spain.

  14. Oh my God, thank you for your work. The anime is one of my favorite and I was so sad I couldn’t read the original novel somewhere. But now I can, thanks to you. Be sure I’ll follow and support your work until the end. Thank you from Belgium and sorry for my english :D.

  15. misterlopius says:

    thank you for this translation. I cheer you up until the end^^.

  16. How much to Part IV to come out :>

  17. Christoph says:

    Thank you very much!:D i didnt thought somebody translated it,but you did it!

  18. The anime has touched me so much and i really wanted to read the novel. Thank you for all your hard work!

  19. This is truly a feat of greatness! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for translating this wonderful novel series. It’s one of the best dystopian fiction novels around and you have brought it to life for your English speaking readers :) I have directed many of my fellow book lovers to your site and we are all cheering you on as you finish this amazing translation achievement! Good work and we all look forward to the finished series! :) :) :) THANK YOU!

  20. I have been following you since the start. I ‘d like to thank you for your effort to translate the novel! I was really hopeless that no one want to finish translating this novel

  21. Thank you for your translations and the pdf !

  22. Thanks again for continuing to work on this!

  23. Thank you! *~*~*~*~*~

  24. Hi! Thanks for your translations, it’s nice work :)
    Can you tell me how many part will be else? And when?

  25. i’ve been searching this book in english version for a long time, all i can say is “thank you~~~”

  26. Shinji10TH says:

    Thank you so much for keeping this project alive, much appreciated.

  27. Sputtan says:

    Thank you for the great work, i wonder if it’s possible to upload this with larger text. Somehow I can’t change size on the epub one. I’m using Aldico for reading ebup and pdf.

    • eerabbit says:

      I tested the epub and it works okay for me using kindle and calibre, so it might be a compatibility issue? I can let the epub creator know, but I’m not sure if it’s something she can fix

  28. Otsukaresama deshita!

  29. Thank you so much for this project, I appreciate it greatly that you are willing to translate the novel for the fan community. I hope you get enough credit for the hard work you are doing.
    Aside from enjoying the story, I’m using your translation as reference to work on my Japanese.
    I have a few questions: which country are you from? Where did you learn Japanese?
    I study to be a translator, and I am writing a report on non-professional translation and subtitling. Would you let me interview you?
    Even if you’re not interested, thank you for what you’re doing, keep up the amazing work!

    • eerabbit says:

      Oh sure, I don’t mind, though I don’t know how much I can help. You can email me at cosmos @ cadet-nine.org, or just use this comment thread, whichever is easier.
      I’m from the USA, took Japanese for a year in college, then studied abroad for a year in Tokyo, then took another semester of Japanese back in college.
      Let me know if you have any other questions; I’ll do my best to answer!

  30. I remember seeing a post floating about your translations on tumblr back when the anime was airing/finishing up and I never really did got around to reading it until now and honestly – thank you so much for all your time!! i’m only about a hundred pages in but the novel is just amazing so far & really !! thank you so much again!!

  31. Does someone are still on this project or it was abort ?

  32. There is still a problem with epub release.
    Chapter IV part 2 repeats itself twice.

    • eerabbit says:

      I just re-downloaded the files and they look fine to me; no duplicate chapters. Not sure if it’s something I can fix because I don’t know what to fix :/

      • I tried it on pc this time to confirm. The duplicate part starts is at the middle of part IV chapter 2.
        The chapter is supposed to end with words: “Tomiko’s words echoed heavily in my chest.”
        But its written twice, with duplicate beginning with words: “We rode in a windowless houseboat…”

        Chapter 2 is basically written twice, but it looks like its all one chapter.
        Here is a picture describing where exactly the first instance ends and second one begins all over.

        It’s not that much of a problem since you can just skip to chapter 3, but it’s still kinda confusing.

        • eerabbit says:

          ah, gotcha. I’ll message the epub creator later and see if they have time to fix it. i’ll give it a shot myself too but no promises there ’cause i’ve never made an epub before

        • eerabbit says:

          actually, I gave it a whirl just now, and it *should* be okay. test it out and let me know!

  33. za nanda says:

    Is part 5 still uncomplete??

    • eerabbit says:

      If you check in the About section, you can see that part 5 has 7 chapters total, so it’s not done yet

  34. Sacchan says:

    Thank you for all the hard work!!

  35. Amazing job mate and amazing novel. It should be officially translated to a lot of languages due to its quality.

  36. Bright says:

    Thank you lovely human.

  37. Is there another link to the original Japanese on .pdf? The page says that the domain name no longer exists.

  38. Hi eerabit,
    First off , thanks for translating the novel. I choose my sources of entertainment very carefully so that they fit my specific desires. I wanted to watch some anime and chose shinsekai no yori after reading through some top 10 lists on the web. After the 3rd episode something about the story drew me in and upon learning the anime was an adaptation from a novel I stopped watching the anime and searched for a translation of the novel online which led me here. Anyway I finished part I and in the pdf p. 73-74 “The thing definitely resembled and minoshiro at first glance” perhaps the “and” should be replaced by “a”?

    bloody good read, books are the least effective form of entertainment for me, yet reading this gave me the most excitment I had for a while.
    Thank you for your hardwork, your courage of putting it out on the web, your generosity for sharing it to the whole world of English speakers.

  39. Um, I also have another question. how can a person like me support you?
    You’ve done a lot and I feel bad not giving anything back. I am serious in supporting you with what little resource I have (I’m a student)

    • eerabbit says:

      hey dust,
      thanks for reading; I’m glad you enjoy the story! actually, letting me know whenever you find a typo would be great support (I can assure you there’s a lot). I don’t spend much time proofreading, so it’s really helpful when people point out stuff that needs fixing (:

  40. hey rabbit,

    In part II p. 81 “Although this wasn’t a prince’s kiss, it seemed to have
    the same effect.” as the person kissing was saki, wouldn’t it be a “princess’s kiss”?

    I also caught some awkward sentence structures every once in a while but as English is not my native language plus I dunno the Japanese original context there wasn’t much I could do.
    It has been a very comfortable read for me, usually when I read English books I pause frequently to look up vocab. You translated the novel with simple yet fitting words, I’m curious was the novel in Japanese also written in easy to understand words or it was a choice of yours to make it easy to read when you translated the text?

    • eerabbit says:

      the japanese text put “prince’s” so i kept it that way, I guess referring to the stereotype that princes can wake people up with a kiss haha
      and yeah, the vocab in the japanese version is also pretty straightforward so I didn’t have to simplify anything

      • I see, it must be the next couple lines that threw me off
        “So the prince didn’t wake from the princess’s kiss, but from the lingering aroma of food.” also at part II page 81. Here the prince is Satoru I think, as he is the one waking up, therfore the princess must be Saki.
        But Saki was just referred to as the prince earlier (thanks for your clarification “Although this wasn’t a prince’s kiss, it seemed to have the same effect.”) so the sudden role reversal confused me.

        This must be something special of the Japanese language that I don’t understand :)

  41. Hi rabbit,

    you must think I’m awfully nit-picky but as this is the “way” to support you I can only tread forward whenever I find any little “imbalances” in the novel and present it to you.

    “Squonk shared some of our dried meat.” Part IV p.44 The scenario suggests that most of the food came from Mamoru, assuming Squonk has no food himself it would be weird to “share” something he doesn’t own. I’m thinking perhpas the group shared some of their dried meat with Squonk which may make more sense.


    • eerabbit says:

      Don’t worry about being nitpicky!

      This one is kind of stumping me though. Because to me, the sentence I wrote means exactly what you think it should be corrected to (that the meat belongs to Mamoru, and he’s sharing it with Squonk), since it says “our dried meat”, where “our” refers to the kids, and Squonk is taking a share of it.

      It’s possible this is a regional usage of the word; I’ll have to look into it some more

  42. Hi rabbit,
    I see, thanks for your reply :)

    “Squonk shared some of our dried meat” the image I had initially (with doubt) was that Squonk took the bag of Mamoru’s dried meat and walked around the room handing out the dried meat to the humans.
    BUT that is actually not the case
    With context from earlier in the novel, it would suggest that Squonk “got a share of dried meat from the humans”. (thanks to your clarification)

    Ummm….here goes my attempt of forming an analogy
    1. “During Halloween, I shared some of my friend’s candies”
    Image: My friend says, “Yo dust, help me distribute my candy to others” (Dust grabs some of his friend’s candies and give it to others)

    2. “During Halloween, I received some of my friend’s candies”
    Image: My friend says, “yo here’s some candy for you, Dust” (Friend gives me some candy)

    “shared” in the sentence “Squonk shared some of our dried meat” seems to have more likeness with the meaning of “received”. Yet unfortunately the word “shared” & “received” are very different to me that I failed to make the connection…..(sigh)

    I hope this expresses my thoughts clearly and be of help to you. If my tone came across as rude or kinda snobbish please know that it was not intended in any way :/

    Good night!

    • Yep, in sentence 2 you can replace “received” with “shared” and it would still have the same meaning as long as there is enough context (:

  43. Hi rabbit,

    Part V p. 87-88 “The two thousand or so who still lived were in a state of panic that bordered dangerously on becoming mass mayhem” perhaps becoming “victims” of mass mayhem?

    I guess it could also mean that from the panic the living ppl became karma fiends and became literally mayhem themselves by killing all life around them, could that be it?

    Ah, I feel bad making suggestions about your work. I know nothing about the hardships of translating foreign texts (which I imagine is quite tough) yet here I am spouting little things…….

    Good night!

    • haha, don’t feel bad; I enjoy discussing this. For this one, it’s more like their (internal) panic was dangerously close to turning into (external) chaos/mayhem

  44. usercensored says:

    Thanks, anyone who worked on these.

  45. Hi im eternally grateful that you’ve translated the book! when are you going to upload the last chapters to download? waiting eagerly :)

  46. Just dropping by to say that there are still people who are constantly reading the translation. I really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into translating this masterpiece and can’t thank you enough.

  47. kikenbaulm von shekelstein says:

    Part V .PDF release when fellow S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

  48. Kartik Saraf says:

    I don’t mean to rush you or anything, because I really appreciate the work you’re doing here. However, is it possible for you to tell us when you plan on releasing updated PDFs?

  49. Platinummebar says:

    Thank you for translating this. The anime was really good. My best A-1 Pictures to date.

  50. hank you for this translations man, the entire world should read this book, it explores so much of human nature and does it in such a brutal manner, truly a masterpiece.

  51. monsterhunter says:

    this is just too perfect. rest of the world are waiting for your final PDF.

    thank you for your hard efforts!!

  52. Part IV Winter´s distant thunder at page 319:
    “Why was life so unfair to woman?” -> I think you mean “women” (plural) ;)

    Love your work! Thank you so much for translating it :)

  53. I’d love if you could upload Part-V >o<

  54. Do you plan on doing any more translations after you’ve finished Shinsekai Yori?

    If so, but have nothing in mind would you consider Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita by Tanaka Romio?
    The novel is currently complete at 9 volumes.

    As far as I’m aware, the only attempt to translate the novel into English ended or was put on hiatus extremely prematurely. Also, unlike Shinsekai Yori, it did not receive a complete anime adaptation.
    If you have not heard of it, please watch, read, or through some other means decide if it is worth your attention.

    That aside, I am sincerely grateful for your translation of Shinsekai Yori, eerabbit.
    I hope your travels are pleasant and happy holidays.

    • I do have another project lined up–The Tatami Galaxy. I’m working with a couple people on editing their translation, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to work on another book from scratch

      • I had downloaded that translation and lined it up for a read right after I finished Shinsekai Yori: I’m secretly relieved it’s only 188 pages.

        It’s good to know that you’ll help with working on improvements.
        Out of interest, how did you come to learn Japanese? I’m interested in maybe taking courses in it while still in college, but there are reasons I shouldn’t.

        • Just out of interest, I suppose. I have a whole list of languages I want to learn, but Japanese is the only one I’ve actually taken classes in. I definitely think it’s easier to learn in school, if you have time for it.

      • I bought 四畳半神話体系 (with the new beautiful dustcover which has the anime illustration) but I need to know a lot more of kanji to read it T__T.

  55. Sir Naabalot says:

    You are the real MVP! Thank you for the translation!

  56. Thanks so much for doing this! I can’t wait to read this once it’s done.

    Will there be a completed version for kindle once you have finished translating it all?

  57. Hi ^^ I’m from Italy and i really really love Shin Sekai Yori. The people who was working on the italian translation stop the work (like at page 10) so i was thinking to translate it by myself. So, can I use your translation if is not a problem? And if I may ask , could you upload my translated version (when it will be over) on your site? Because many italian people read it from here and it would be easy for them to find the italian translation here instead of searching it on the web or asking everywhere (sorry if i made some grammatical mistake)

  58. Hi,

    very interested in this.

    How are things going so far ? Are you still on it?
    Thank you very much for you hard work

  59. You are doing a great job man. Just wanted to ask a few questions. Is part 6 the last part? And how many chapters does it have?

  60. monster hunter says:

    its been a long time since i followed your site, its a work of love and dedication, thank you for your hard work!

    Btw just one little question, when will you release the full PDF version?

  61. If you send me a html or xml copy of the 6 parts, I’ll make a clean (non-calibre) epub version. From there, any other format will be east cake.

    • How is that epub coming along?

    • Cris N. says:

      I don’t if you’ve already received files from someone else, but if it’s necessary, I could collect the text of all the chapters in the book onto individual files (I mean, onto Word files and then convert those to html), and then email them to you for making the epub. It would take a week or so because I’m a bit busy right now, but I’d be willing to do it. Although, you have to let me know if anyone else gave them (or is going to give them) to you.

  62. Thank you for this translation. I’ve been waiting for its completion for a long time now. When will you post the final pdf?

  63. Thanks for translating this novel! I really would like to use your translation to translate the novel into dutch! If that’s ok of course! Also why don’t you contact the writer or the publisher for maybe releasing this piece of work? Or did you already? Would love to hear :)

    • eerabbit says:

      Yeah, go ahead and good luck! Quite a few people have asked if I’m going to try to get this published, and I’m still not sure yet haha If I have time after school is done I’ll look into it some more

      • You could try to contact regular publishing companies, I mean the ones that publish translations or are open to various sci-fi fantasy types of novels. But if none of them want/trust your translation and you’re determined to get it officially published somehow, you could always use a self-publishing platform. For example, there’s Smashwords, where you can publish your book just as an ebook (it could be a combination of epub, mobi, and azw3).

        To use an example, one person named Shelley Marshall translated Osamu Dazai’s novel Pandora’s Box and published via Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/531016

        • P.S., of course, you’d have to contact the author first, since you need his permission to make an official publication and he might even want a percentage of the money you’d make off of the sales.

  64. Bruno Garcia says:

    The work you’ve done translating this book is wonderful. It gave me courage to do the same. I just found out about this story when it was released as an anime; how surprised I was to learn that it was based on a book. I’ve been quite a long time interested about translation, so, after reading a bit of yours, I thought it wound be nice to do the same, even though I wasn’t so confident about my English. I am from Brazil and I am kind of translating your translation to my language, in order to practice and learn English more, while I read this magnificent story. I hope it’s okay for you, I am just doing it for me. My best wishes to you. =)

  65. Shinsekai lover says:

    Woooo thanks for translating this amazing masterpiece.

  66. Page 322, the second-to last paragraph (last full graph on the page) starts, “…so using psychokinesis, cantus in other words, steals energy from the sun and decreases its entropy, making it age faster.”

    It might be a difference in the way Japanese linguistically handles the concept, though I wouldn’t know, but in English, this should almost certainly be “…increases its entropy…,” not “decreases.” Decreasing the sun’s entropy would be akin to giving energy to the sun, rather than taking it away, so that doesn’t work with the rest of what Satoru is saying.

    • As I understand it, the sun is like a huge fiery ball of entropy and every joule of energy that leaves the sun decreases its entropy by some small amount over time. So decreasing its entropy and taking away its energy go hand in hand.

      • Oops, you are correct. Ignore my previous comment. Apparently It’s been a while since physics. I had to look up the formula again, since entropy is one of those overloaded terms with too many different contextual uses. Thanks!

      • Shion Arita says:

        I suppose the entropy of the sun itself may decrease but the total entropy increases due to the emission of the light. It’s a kind of strange way to put it, but I think it’s ultimately technically correct.

        I think for the term to make the most sense, ‘entropy’ should be replaced with ‘enthalpy’, because stealing the sun’s energy would decrease its enthalpy, not necissarily its entropy.

  67. Is anyone currently making an epub of the complete novel? I am seriously about to go through the (long and tedious) process of collecting all the text and making one myself right now.

  68. About the Epubs: Jan’s version is pretty good because the chapters are marked (unlike in mine, where only the parts are marked), but actually he accidentally left out the text of the footnotes. I guess the footnote text is easy to miss when you’re just copying because it’s a lighter grey.

    Anyone who is working on improving the epubs at the moment, I encourage you to use mine. All that needs to be done with it is marking the chapters and maybe fixing the text style and linking the endnotes.

    Or you could just wait until Eerabbit is done editing Part VI and create one from scratch yourself.

    • Actually, I’m going to update the epub to mark the chapters – but that’s all I’m going to do. If anyone wants to fix it up from there, go ahead. Also, for anyone who wants to work with it, you can get the original Word file (on which I collected all the novel’s text) from Eerabbit by email.

      • Okay, I sent Eerabbit my updated epub file, as well as azw3 and mobi files converted from that. I’m sure they’ll be uploaded sometime soon.

        Notes: Apparently I missed a couple of chapter headings in the text, so that’s now fixed. Also, btw, all of the conversions and editing was done using Calibre, in case anyone wants to know.

        If anyone wants to create a new epub using my text, ask Eerabbit for the updated Word file I sent via email.

  69. 3 years follower says:

    Really appreciate your work man, Have been following your project since the beginneng, what are you going to do? Will you doing next project? Please kindly let us know!

    • hiya, sorry for the super late reply! I’m working on editing a translation of the Tatami Galaxy with some other people but we’ve decided not to make it public until it’s done–no ETA though.

  70. Yes!!! Now I can read the whole thing over again. Thank you so much for your work!!! It’s greatly appreciated. I’m so happy that I can read this in novel form and it’s all thanks to you!!!!! <3

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    a few notes:
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    – Part 4, chapter 4 does not start on a new page (p267)

  74. Alright, everyone, the updated version of my epub is up now, along with conversions to mobi, azw3, and pdf.

    This as far as I’m going with the ebook formatting. I did create the epub using Calibre, so some might say it’s not ideal.

    As I mentioned before, if you want to make your own epub, I did send the Word file with all the text to Eerabbit through email, so you can go ahead and use that rather than having to copy it all over again.

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    Several years ago I didn’t even imagine this wonderful result. Thanks again, and congratulations, I’m astonished for the constant effort you put into it for sooo long :).

    On the other hand, English is not my first language, and not even my second one, so I probably overlooked some mistakes (or invented new ones :S). Anyway, please have a look at these sentences (page numbers are from the final pdf)
    Page 8: “…Loneliness became is only companion and confidant.”. Shouldn’t it be “his” instead of “is”?

    Page 43: “Oh yeah! So then at he very end,…”. I think it should be “at the”.

    Page 185: “…they would know that he had his ignored orders and helped us.” This sentence sounds weird to me. I would’ve expected “had his orders ignored” or “had ignored his orders”.

    Page 222: “…Even if they think they think they can control …” Well, in my language we rarely say something like that. I think there is an extra “they think”.

    Page 306: “…The sun’s lifetime is supposed to be around five hundred thousand years…” I don’t know what the author wrote, but I think you should check the translation of that number, since the actual estimated sun’s lifetime is around 5 billion years.

    Page 335: “…The must have somehow found out…”. I think it’s “They” instead of “The”.

    Page 470: “…Satoru took of his clothes…”. I think it is “took off”.

    Page 475-476: I don’t know if I missed something, but the name “Squeaker” was mentioned twice, is this guy Squealer?

    Page 480: “…began to emerge The last to come was the queen…”. I think there is a missing punctuation mark between “emerge” and “The”.

    Finally, I’ve recommended this translation to a lot of friends. I hope they can enjoy it as I did :D.

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    English is not my first language so forgive me for any mistake in my writing. I’m from Indonesia and I’m interested to translate your work into Indonesian language in order to practice my English. I hope that’s okay for you! So, If I ever done the Indonesian version, would you mind upload it in this website so people that looking for Indonesia’s version can find it easily? Again, thank you!

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    • I think your message may have been cut short.

      But to answer your question

      1. Rabbit hasn’t responded to anyone in a couple months. He/she’s probably busy with college/work. Rabbit started this back in 2012 if I’m not mistaken, so you probably won’t get an answer.
      2. I’d assume as long as you don’t claim it’s your own work, you can use the translation. Give credit where credit is due.
      3. Are you translating it into spanish? If so then it would be your “original” work anyway.

    • Yeah, no problem. That sounds cool; please share it when you’re done! sorry for the super late reply; I hope you went ahead and did it anyway :)

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    I originally downloaded this back in June and it’s taken me all the way until now to finish it.
    Such a beautiful novel and the imagination of the author….

    Reading the comments above, it seems like there is a new prequel novel. I guess I can say that I am actually not too happy to hear that because now I’ll worry about when I can finally read it.

    Either way, thanks for your great translation work over the 3-4 years and clever imagination. I know that literal translations and actually conveying the author’s message is difficult to do, especially with kanji.
    There were so many life lessons, emotional scenes, and scary moments in the novel that it reminded me of a series I loved when I was a kid called “The Night Angel trilogy”. I think there are some similarities between the two.

    And to end this, I can imagine you (or someone else) will be able to translate the new prequel because… “The power of imagination is what changes everything.”

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    • hiya, sorry for the late reply. do you remember which episode this was in?

    • I know that it is too late to reply but just for someone who might read this;

      It should be “Dai Kangi Tei”.
      Dai means big, great, or in this context, “eternal”. I think this translation is very smart.
      Kangi is delight.
      Tei means emperor.

      What you listened like “toareena” might have been “to iwareta”. It means “he was called”. It follows a noun contrary to English.

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    I found a couple of minor typos which I’ve listed below. I don’t have page numbers for them since I just took them down as I went along, but a regular search should find the pages easily.

    > Speaking of irony, Tokyo was another prime example. [It’s] concrete-clad facade had been created…
    > Try to get your breathing back to normal before we reach Screen [r]ock. (I think Screen Rock was used everywhere else)
    > His opinion was so typical of an optimistic scientist (missing period)

    Thanks again for your work!

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        • Hiya,

          I’m afraid I don’t know where to find the single-volume version. Something that might help is if it has any of these characters 上,中,下 on the front, then it’s definitely not a single-volume. Though I’d still ask the seller to be sure.
          Sorry, wish I could be more help!

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    “Why was life so unfair to woman?” -> I think you mean “women” (plural) ;)

  109. new uploaded PDF-file (from December 11th) page 490:
    I’m suppose he’s sleeping somewhere deep in the ocean of my subconscious. -> I suppose he´s sleeping somewhere deep in the ocean of my subconscious.

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    • eerabbit says:

      hey! sorry for the super late reply. This is just a generic wordpress site. I put parts and chapters as categories and used a plugin to display posts in ascending order


    I Looked at Wikipedia and I read about 7 volumes. This translation comprehends all volumes?

    • eerabbit says:

      There are actually only 6 parts; the publishers put out 1, 2 and 3-volume versions, which is kind of confusing. But this translation has the whole story!

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    Here don’t you mean “that leads to the courtyard”?


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      hey, sorry for the super late reply! The pdf is always the most updated version. The online version is pretty much never updated anymore, and there are only epub versions when a nice reader decides to make them :)

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      hey! I was working on it with 2 other people, then we all kind of got sidetracked by life. We’re working on it again now, and are close to finishing the first round of editing

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  122. Hi eerabbit,

    I had downloaded the December version of the PDF and I just noticed a new August version had come out, so I did a comparison on the PDFs and noticed a few errors on the new version. They’re mostly just font encoding errors on the symbol characters, here are screenshots of the comparison on the affected pages (left is December version, right is August version):

    http://i.imgur.com/RnTGYa4.png – Page 437
    http://i.imgur.com/YqLbcZk.png – Page 443
    http://i.imgur.com/j6K6qJ4.png – Page 459
    http://i.imgur.com/kfbTwh4.png – Page 474

    The other changes made were small corrections: woman -> women and I’m -> I.

  123. Hi eerabbit,

    Could you publish your email, so we can talk?



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    Are you really not going to translate 新世界ゼロ年? You’re the only one who managed to finish a full translation and no one else is picking up on that series :( I really would love reading it~~~~
    Thank you as always for this amazing work :)

    • Labyrinth says:

      Hey fjnm018, what is 新世界ゼロ年? New World Zero Year? I can’t find any information on it.

      • Hi :)

        It’s a prequel to Shinsekai Yori that it’s been running on this magazine(?)「小説現代」 Shousetsu Gendai. It follows the events of boy A, 1000 years prior to the events of Shinsekai Yori. Just a few pages each volume and it’s not finished yet. No one has compiled it and I cannot find almost any information either. Just some Chinese or Japanese blogs that made a small review, but I can barely understand it :/

    • Heya,

      Sorry this reply is ages late! I totally forgot about Zero-nen to be honest. I’ll go search around for it soon, but no promises yet!

      • fjnm018 says:

        Omg just saw this now ㅜ.ㅜ

        So….Any updates on Zero-nen?? :DDD

      • Any news about the prequel yet? I’m extremely excited for a possible translation of it, but the only thing I could even find was this link (http://shousetsu-gendai.kodansha.co.jp/latest/201411.html) that I can’t even read.

        Also, thanks for translating Shinsekai Yori. I just finished the novel after watching the anime a few years ago, and the translation was pretty much perfect.

        • eerabbit says:

          hey! sorry for the super late reply. It looks like some pdfs are slowly being uploaded to the shousetsu gendai site, but i saw on a japanese blog that the these files aren’t from the beginning of the story and i haven’t been able to find any uploads of the old issues of shousetsu gendai. as far as i know the story was predicted to be finished at the end of 2018, but i haven’t seen or heard anything about it actually being finished :(

  125. Hey ! I’m reading your work and i’m Very grateful for it ! I was wondering if someone have already translate it to french ?

  126. Daisuke says:

    Thank you very much for all of your effort in this translation! I’m Japanese, and a big fan of the original novel. Since I’m learning to improve my English, I had been looking for an English translation of it.

    I just started reading. I’ll leave comments later if I find something I can help you.

    • Though I’ve only read a few chapters, I felt that this translation is beautiful and reflecting the author’s idea very precisely.
      I cannot imagine the difficulty so again, thank you very much.

      Very small correction/suggestion from my point of view;

      Part I
      Chapter 2

      “I told her she was being ridiculous. “So, whose graves are those?””

      The original words,
      “Bakabakashikunatte” “Itta”
      The former part is not saying about what she said, but about the feeling she had when she posed the following question to Satoru.

      It is more like “I felt it was silly and casted my doubt to Satoru.”
      *Sorry for my non-native English.

      Actually, Saki felt ridiculous not about Maria but about what Satoru was talking about.

    • Let me continue;

      Part I
      Chapter 2

      “It supposedly can also be called the Demon Chasing festival but whether that’s true or not is uncertain. It’s one of our oldest festivals, with over two thousand years of history.”

      What was “uncertain” about for Saki was whether “It’s one of our oldest festivals, with over two thousand years of history.”, not about the other name of the festival.

      ““If you keep worrying, I’ll only be a bad influence on Saki,” father said in a dejected voice.”

      It should be like “it’ll be a bad influence on Saki”
      The subject of being a bad influence is mother’s worrying behavior.

    • Chapter 3

      “The trio from the committee appeared too.”

      Actually they departed back to the town at this point of time. Therefore it is like;
      “The trio from the committee trio left me behind.”

      “Insomniacs have come to my temple for this exact purpose, though that was a long time ago. Anyway, spending an entire night not sleeping, but not doing anything else either is a waste of time, in my opinion. Once, there was a sermon I had to give, but no one wanted to listen to it, so I found a bunch of insomniacs and made it a kind of gathering for them.”

      It was not the priest’s opinion but the opinion of an insomniac.
      He (or she) asked the priest to tell a story not to sleep, but to learn something good for his life from it. Then (maybe on another day), upon this offer, the priest gave a sermon for a bunch of insomniacs. As a result, they easily fell asleep.

      So, it is like;
      “Though it was a long time ago, an insomniac came to my temple, and asked me to give a story of life lessons because spending an entire night not sleeping, but not doing anything else either was a waste of time. So, I determined to give a sermon for insomniacs.”

      ““All your desires have been burned away. Let the ashes return to the vast, wild earth.””

      All your desires are going to be burned away
      *Just a matter of tense

      “Maria said, turning my head to face her and rubbing her forehead against mine.”

      Actually Maria did not turn Saki’s head to face her in this sentence.
      It was like hugging Saki from behind.

      “Since we had not seen any altered animals in our field trips until now, I thought it was reasonable that we were intrigued by the pouch cows.”

      It is like;
      “Although we had seen many altered animals there with much more weird appearances, I thought it was reasonable that we were intrigued by the pouch cows.”

      • Sorry I found my error.

        “The trio from the committee trio left me behind.”

        -> “The trio from the committee left me behind.”

  127. Chapter 4

    “This isn’t a fair game. ”

    It might seem like negative sentence, but it is a kind of tag question.
    The nuance is “We are just competing, aren’t we?”
    “We” is apparently Saki and Satoru.

    “I was concentrating so hard on my own cards that I’m still not entirely sure what she did. ”

    For this part, the nuance is;
    “I still cannot imagine how she could have made such a serious mistake while everyone was supposed to move the cards very carefully.”

    “I was thinking the same thing as Maria.”
    You can see 同, and it means “the same” but in this context, it says;
    “Maria said compassionately”

    “I calmed down, drove their voices out of my mind and chanted my mantra.”
    The nuance is like;
    “I calmed down, and chanted my mantra in a whispering voice so as not to be heard.”

    “{If we were allowed to use floating pieces, we would be able to use the ball to absorb any impacts the pusher might sustain.}”

    I assume it came from the confusing word “cushion”, but in this Japanese context it does not actually mean “a cushion”.
    In Japanese, “cushion” sometimes means just an object of mediation.
    In this context, it means mediation of cantus.

    “If we were allowed to use floating pieces, we would be able to cast a cantus almost directly to the ball by using the floating piece to push the ball.”

    Sorry for my poor expressions.
    I really do respect those cool translations of yours.
    Please consider my comments as just a reference for you from the perspective of a Japanese native.

  128. chapter 5

    >If we could keep this up for a little longer, they will have wasted almost two whole minutes.

    It might seem they did not waste almost two whole minutes, but actually they did.
    The meaning of “longer” here is longer than what she had described.
    In other words, she just did not remember the whole conversation.

    So, I would suggest;
    “We actually kept this up for a little longer, so they should have wasted almost two whole minutes.”

    >and had just agreed on a starting point (isn’t that enough already?), when Satoru started telling one of his tall tales as an example.

    What Saki agreed (or admitted) was the fact that one of Satoru’s tall tales was the starting point of the theme of their summer camp. (even though she did not want to admit the whole story)

    >A bunch of objections came to mind, but I kept quiet. If I said anything, it would mean that I was accepting his ridiculous story.

    Actually Saki was too confused to say anything because she felt what Satoru said was completely nonsense.
    It is like;
    “A bunch of objections came to mind, but I could not say anything. If we applied his logic, it would mean that the more ridiculous the story is, the more reliable it is.”

    >Who knows what he was saying out of desperation. We all turned to look at him.
    >“Um, I’m not too sure.”
    >“Explain it anyway.”

    It might seem the first line was Satoru’s but it was spoken by Shun. The 2nd line was Saki’s.
    Both were speaking to Satoru.
    They are like;
    “Um, I cannot imagine the situation where cantus doesn’t work.”
    “Explain it.””

    >“To lay an egg of this size, the bird must be pretty big, right?”

    Since Satoru was already aware at this point that the eggs were born by a haythatcher, I would suggest that it should be “the haythatcher” instead of “the bird”.

    >But I never knew it used the Devil’s Hand as a defense against rat snakes and rosary snakes until today.

    I think using the Devil’s Hand should rather be for offensive purpose for haythatchers because it is not for protecting their actual eggs, but for killing the other snakes.
    My suggestion;
    “But I never knew the Devil’s Hand, nor the fact that it was used for killing those rivals such as rat snakes and rosary snakes by then.”

    >but I seem to remember feeling slightly uncomfortable at that time. It was a real-life example of the adaptation and natural selection mentioned in the textbook. In order to survive, even something like the Devil’s Hand could be evolved.

    Saki was questioning whether this Devil’s Hand has been evolved “naturally”.
    “but I seem to remember feeling slightly uncomfortable at that time. Can it really be the case of the adaptation and natural selection mentioned in the textbook in which even something like the Devil’s Hand could be evolved?”

    >“Yeah, but it’s a river, so there will always be some waves.
    >Shun chanted his mantra. “Ready? I’m gong to flatten the surface.””

    Both of these lines were spoken by Shun. (The first one was not Saki’s)
    He observed the surface of river hoping that it went totally flat, but to stop rowing was not enough for it. => 1st line
    So he decided to use his cantus. => 2nd line

    The 1st line is like this;
    “Um, since it’s a river, I shouldn’t expect that it goes completely calm.”

  129. JasmineKiko says:

    Really appreciate what you have done. I am a big fan of From the New World from China and I had read the Chinese version From the New World twice. Admire your work! Just wanna express my love for you.

  130. Watching the anime now and was curious about the book. Thanks so much for the translation!

  131. I was a few years late on this anime, but I finally caught up and finished it just last night. I wanted to preserve the sentiments and emotions that were evoked lol therefore I’ve been visiting forums and soaking in everyone’s thoughts and opinions about the whole series. I was then led here — to, apparently, the original novel that started this whole fiasco — which you undertook to translate so generously.

    Thank you for committing all your time, attention, work, resources, and crazy brain power to make this translation readily available for everyone.

    I wasn’t here to watch the slow progression of updates, so I’m lucky to be able to just read everything in one go lol ^_^ <3 But, time is very important. And I'm chiming in with a comment to appreciate the time that you spent on this. I read above that you were also juggling college and your degree — needless to say, I hope everything has worked out for the best for you!

  132. You are absolutely amazing for putting in all this work. The anime is one of my all-time favorites, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to read the original work.

    A translation project of this size with no expectation of reward is astounding. Thank you so much for doing this.

  133. Would it be possible to upload this as a flat text file as well? That would make it possible for archival services to archive it in case it ever goes down.

  134. Thank you so much for translating the book, really admire your work.

    Have you looked into translating Shiki (the novel)?

  135. Hello! Big old time fan of the series! I finally got to downloading and reading the full novel, and I wanted to say: Thank you SO much for your efforts! I honestly can not thank you enough! This novel and beautiful piece of literature would have never reached us if it weren’t for your hard work, so thank you! QuQ

    I recently read that there is a prequel in the works, and I found this link with the first pages:
    As far as I understand, it is published monthly?
    Do you have any plans on picking it up for translation? Many of us would be over the moon with happiness and excitement!!

    //also I wanted to donate something as a thanks, now that I finally read the novel, so I was looking for a donation button/link and saw your Q&A about this matter– I SWEAR TO GOD YOU ARE SO GENEROUS AND SELFLESS. Thank you so much again! Both for your efforts and for the charity list too <3

    • eerabbit says:

      hey! sorry for the super late reply. i saw on a japanese blog that the these files aren’t from the beginning of the story and i haven’t been able to find any uploads of the old issues of shousetsu gendai. as far as i know the story was predicted to be finished at the end of 2018, but i haven’t seen or heard anything about it actually being finished :(

      //also i totally recognized your username/your ssy art from when i used to have a tumblr. your art style has evolved quite a lot and it’s still stunning!

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    Thank you very much for your hard work translating this novel, and thank you again for letting us to translate into our languages <3

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