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Almost almost there

Another year gone! Things seem to be lining up quite nicely; I’ll be starting the last book (Part V to the end) exactly two years after I started on the first. If all goes according to plan, it’ll be done at the end of 2015. Yaaaaay

Thanks for your patience and wonderful comments (especially the ones pointing out my typos because I don’t proofread enough. Keep them coming)!

Edit: Part IV PDF is up on the download page, old PDFs have been edited

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  1. Uwaaa that’s great to hear! Thank you for your two years of hard work : )
    I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years. I’ve greatly enjoyed being able to read this series and it’s all thanks to you!

  2. Great job man. Keep going strong. Btw, are you planning to put up part IV pdf anytime soon?
    Greetings from Lithuania

  3. Wow! 2 years already? I can’t believe it.
    Thank you for your hard work!

  4. Wow…crazy to think it’s been two years…
    It kinda makes me sad that only three people have commented so far, but I’m sure that I speak for the silent majority when I say, we all really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Keep going dude!

  5. Good work for this 2 years!

  6. Woah, I have came across this website when I was re-watching an anime. Thank you for a nice and beautifully translations. Thank you !

  7. I’ve come across your site, but never had the ‘courage’ to start the novel, because I didn’t want to experience long periods of time without material to read. Now that you’ve said that the translation might end at the end of next year, I got what I needed and started to read. Thank you very much and keep up the great work. The flow in the sentences is amazing, and it’s hard to think that this is just a fan translation of a novel in an entirely different category of languages than that of English.

  8. Thanks you so much for translating this book.
    After watching the anime, I felt that I needed more Information, so I wanted to read the novel.
    So thank you.

  9. You’re doing really well :)
    Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the final.

  10. Hi! Just as a question. When you finish translating the novel, do you have any plans to put it up as an Epub, like you did with some earlier parts?

  11. Wow, you’re really cool! I just can’t thank you enough for your hard and excellent work.
    Happy new year!

  12. I am extremely impressed with your translation. Thank you very much for the excellent work. I have very much enjoyed reading parts 1-4 and look forward to reading parts 5 and 6!
    Thank you,

  13. Chapter 2, Part IV (Winter’s Distant Thunder) in the epub release: From the New World with cover v2.epub is messed up (duplicate of chapter 1).

  14. Fiendhunter says:

    Oh my god, I literally just ran into this site, and I’m seriously screaming here because omg after finished watchig the anime back in 2013, I looked for official translation of the novels and I was really sad I didn’t even find it in japanese (not that I can read japanese more than hiraganas and katakanas, but..). I love ShinsekaiYori with passion, I’m so eager to read the translations right now. Thank you very much, you wonderful human being <3

    • Hi! Fiendhunter, you can find it in japanese, if you’ll search thoroughly. It’s not too hard to find PNG scans in decent quality (though I won’t share exact coordinates ^_~).
      To find text version is slightly more difficult: you can purchase it on, but it allows user to read the book only with a special windows application, or on their site (online). But with some IT skill (or with help of some hacker friend) you easily can rip it out of the site in form of HTML (though I’m not going to share details also, because I’m not sure if it is legal, and I don’t like idea of the text being distributed freely ~_^).
      If you really eager to get the original text, it’s entirely possible :) But, as a sidenote, I think that as people who really like the book we should do it only for translation purposes, and we should never just share original text for people who don’t want to pay for it.

      (sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language)

  15. Hi, eerabbit!

    I’d like to ask you for permission to use your translation to translate SSY into my native language (Polish). After reading comments I found out that there already were a few attempts but apparently none of those projects started (I see that you keep answering people that you have no problem with it, however, I think that it would be a little bit unfair if I didn’t ask).

    And, of course, thanks for this great work you’re doing. :D

  16. After watched anime i was sad to not find translation in french, and even more sad to not find translation in english (first time I’m looking for an english reading, a bit difficult ^^)
    so really thank you for your hard work, i am waiting eagerly the next.

  17. Yay, I’m looking forward to read the whole novel :)

  18. Thank you so much for your work, I can’t thank you enough. I’m truly grateful :)

  19. Good work for this 2 years!!!
    Cant wait to see the continue.
    Good luck!!!!!!!

  20. woh! you did a great work in the translation and continuing it for 2 years, i don’t knew how to describe it but your devotion some how moved me. Good luck in this work i hope you finish it soon.

  21. Kudos for your patience and perserverance. Shinsekai Yori fans like me are greatly indebted to you and your hard work. I’m more than glad to know it’ll be ready towards the end of the year.

  22. Ghostiesftw says:

    I read the manga not knowin this was a novel originally and I’m really happy cause I loved the story and Im glad I found this so close to its completion. I’m looking forward to the end which will hopefully be up as I finish reading the rest of the story. Keep up the good work


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