an English translation of the novel

It’s done!

That’s the end of the story! Thanks to everyone who’s read and commented and stuck with me for 3 years; it’s really motivated me to keep going :)

I’m swamped with finals until mid-April, but I’ll upload the final PDF as soon as I can after that. There are undoubtedly still a lot of typos and mistranslations throughout the story, so I’ll keep checking back at the comments and updating the PDFs when I’ve gathered a good amount of things to fix.

Thanks again for all your support!

Heads up

There will be no posts from Dec 24-31 since I’ll be traveling

Happy holidays!

edit: Part I-V pdf is up. I’ve changed the way I’m making the PDFs, so there will no longer be single part files, it’ll just be all the parts together from now on.


I’ve said I planned to finish this by the end of the year, and you may have noticed that recent posts have been double the length they used to be, but graduate school is really kicking my ass and I don’t think I can keep this up (I haven’t even had time to put together the Part V pdf yet). I can manage to continue posting regularly if I cut back to the original 2 pages per post, but that will also mean that I won’t be finished until spring 2016. Sorry about that, I really want this to be done too :/

Almost almost there

Another year gone! Things seem to be lining up quite nicely; I’ll be starting the last book (Part V to the end) exactly two years after I started on the first. If all goes according to plan, it’ll be done at the end of 2015. Yaaaaay

Thanks for your patience and wonderful comments (especially the ones pointing out my typos because I don’t proofread enough. Keep them coming)!

Edit: Part IV PDF is up on the download page, old PDFs have been edited


Hey guys,

Part III Chapter 3 is coming up soon, which is also where the Baka Tsuki translator started translating (anyone know what he’s up to? he hasn’t updated in forever). I just wanted to say that I’m not going to skip the parts he’s done. Sorry to everyone who has to wait forever until Part IV Chapter 3, but I want to read the story all the way through and not skip around.

Also, I’ve noticed that the website has been down a couple of times for like 10-20 minutes each time? Not quite sure why that is, but I’m trying to figure it out. I used to be able to check the status pretty often, but I recently started working so I can’t mess around on the internet as much :P So if you could leave a comment letting me know if/when/how often the site has suddenly stopped working in the past month or so, that would be great!