an English translation of the novel


Hey guys,

Part III Chapter 3 is coming up soon, which is also where the Baka Tsuki translator started translating (anyone know what he’s up to? he hasn’t updated in forever). I just wanted to say that I’m not going to skip the parts he’s done. Sorry to everyone who has to wait forever until Part IV Chapter 3, but I want to read the story all the way through and not skip around.

Also, I’ve noticed that the website has been down a couple of times for like 10-20 minutes each time? Not quite sure why that is, but I’m trying to figure it out. I used to be able to check the status pretty often, but I recently started working so I can’t mess around on the internet as much :P So if you could leave a comment letting me know if/when/how often the site has suddenly stopped working in the past month or so, that would be great!

Happy holidays!

Part II is set to be finished on Dec 21, after which I’m going to take a tiny break for Christmas and start posting Part III in January.

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and happy holidays (or just good days in general if those two don’t apply :P)

Also, it’s been a year since I started this project?? I kind of can’t believe it haha Thanks for sticking with me!

Queue / Hiatus

I’m going on a roadtrip from September through November during which I won’t have internet access 99% of the time. There are enough posts queued to last until the beginning of November, and that’ll also be when volume one is finished. I’m bringing volume two with me on the trip, but I can’t say for sure that I’ll be able to post the translations while I’m there. Sorry about that; things should be back to normal in December.

Note: don’t worry if some of the chapter links in the sidebar throw a 404 error. It’s because I have pages from those chapters translated already but they’re not scheduled to appear until later.

Thanks for reading and for all your wonderful comments (:

Edit (Nov 5): There are enough posts until the end of November!

More translations!

I’ve been seeing some awesome people translating the novel into various languages; glad that the novel is reaching a wider audience! Here are all the ones I know of so far:

  • Spanish translation at t4dw, which also has a bunch of other novel/light novel translations
  • Italian translation at animangaita
  • Russian translation at uinleader
  • Chinese photos of the entire book (official translation) at Baidu, PDF for Part I also at Baidu (password: 4dek)
  • English translation starting from Part 3 Chapter 3 at Baka-Tsuki
  • Vietnamese translation at lonelyapril
  • Polish translation at Z Nowego Świata PL
  • Croatian translation at Iz Novog Svijeta

Let me know if there are others and I’ll put them up (:

Another fan translation

Baka-Tsuki has a teaser project up on their site for SSY; the translator (Dusanh) is starting with Part III (apparently because I’ve already done most of Part I and s/he assumes I’m going to do at least Part II as well {which I am}). But if you want to skip to the exciting parts, you can check Dusanh’s progress here.

Also, a big thank you to all readers and commenters for sticking with me so far!