an English translation of the novel

Page 202-204

He pushed me from behind, “Hurry!”

I tried to resist, but he overpowered me.

“I’ll put an end to it now. I’ve had enough.”

Before my eyes, the walls began to warp and shake. What looked like bubbles appeared and burst one after another. It was a chaotic scene. My head began to hurt again.

“Saki,” Shun said quietly as he pushed me out the door.

His mask started melting even though there was no heat.

“I’ve always loved you.”

“Why are you saying this now? Shun! I…”


The next second, I was hundreds of meters above the ground. I looked down at Shun’s bungalow in the moonlight.

There was only a deep crater.

The earth around the crater started caving in. The air was filled with a low rumbling and sharp snapping sounds as trees were ripped up by the roots.

This apocalyptic scene slowly grew farther and farther away. I realized that I was flying backwards in a large arc. A strong wind buffeted my clothes this way and that. It blew away my barrette and my hair trailed out behind me in the night sky.

If I just crashed into something and died, that wouldn’t be too bad.

With that thought, I closed my eyes.

And opened them again.

Shun had saved me with the last of his strength.

I had to live.

I turned to face forward. The wind stung but I didn’t close my eyes. My tears were blown away behind me.

It looked like I would land in a wide, grassy plain. I wondered if Shun had had this destination in mind when he flung me across the sky.

Slowly, the ground grew closer and closer.

Slowly, as if I were in a dream.