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I’ve said I planned to finish this by the end of the year, and you may have noticed that recent posts have been double the length they used to be, but graduate school is really kicking my ass and I don’t think I can keep this up (I haven’t even had time to put together the Part V pdf yet). I can manage to continue posting regularly if I cut back to the original 2 pages per post, but that will also mean that I won’t be finished until spring 2016. Sorry about that, I really want this to be done too :/

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  1. Theacefrehley says:

    Don’t worry, it is really close to the end. Even 2 pages is fine. Eventually you’re gonna make it. I think I’m following this site since 2013 and I think people can totally wait.

    Out of curiosity, how much time do you spend per page translated?

    • eerabbit says:

      It depends on the content, but 1 to 1.5 hours on average for 2 pages. So it’s actually not a huge amount of time, if only I was actually home to do anything other than shower and sleep haha

      • It’s totally fine… I really appreciate all of your hard work and efforts on this project and have enjoyed reading each and every page but I know it’s completely because of you.

        Thanks so much!

        I’ve always have been reading from this website since a long while ago. Maybe early 2014 I believe. It’s my #1 bookmark :D

  2. Its fine! I’ve been really enjoying following this; just knowing that it will be fully translated eventually is amazing to think about, so don’t feel so rushed

  3. Ramatype says:

    Love the translation. Good luck with grad school!

  4. Hey, no worries! It’s best to focus on your studies. I appreciate all of the work you’ve been putting into this!

  5. we will still love you in spring 2016 =) thanks for all the hard work

  6. Thanks for the all the translations so far. Looking forward to spring 2016!

  7. Kartik Aman Saraf says:

    I completely understand the school thing and how hard that can get! Keep up the good work anyway! We all love you for what you’re doing and believe in you!

  8. It’s fine, take your time :)

  9. No worries! We appreciate that you’re even still translating it. I’m thankful that the updates are often, no matter how short or long they are, and that you’re planning to finish the series.

    Besides, a student as well, I still consider spring 2016 to be part of “this year” ^^

  10. First of all, it’s a great thing for us to have this novel translated, never mind how long you take.Thanks!

  11. Years already passed, and you are still working on it – it’s already an unbelievable thing!
    I am really grateful for it. And definitely I (as surely all of us) can wait for half a year, or even more – as much as will be needed.
    So, take your time and good luck with studing! Ganbatte kudasai!


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