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Heads up

There will be no posts from Dec 24-31 since I’ll be traveling

Happy holidays!

edit: Part I-V pdf is up. I’ve changed the way I’m making the PDFs, so there will no longer be single part files, it’ll just be all the parts together from now on.

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  1. Zack Daniels says:

    I hope you enjoy your travels and I hope you make some great memories and have some fun stories! You really do deserve a break with the amount of work you put into the novel and into your studies!

  2. Zack Daniels says:

    Also a side note,
    You inspired me to pursue a career in translation (of scientific journals) so I would like to thank you for making me realize what I really wanted to do because otherwise I would be attending pharmaceutical school and be pretty unhappy right now.

    Would you mind if I asked what you are going to grad school for?

    • Wow, that’s really cool! It’s great knowing what you want to do (I wish I did haha) Is there a specific area of science you work on?

      My grad program is in linguistics, evolution of language and cognition in particular. It’s a lot of fun and I’m really into it, but it’s not really the sort of thing that has a clear career path (apart from academia, I guess)

      • Zack Daniels says:

        Haha I am still iffy with what career path I want to go down since I can’t risk free lance translation (I need health insurance). Right now my current plan is to graduate undergrad with a double major in Human Biology and East Asian language (specifically Mandarin and Japanese). At the end of undergrad I plan to teach abroad for about 5 years while attending lectures in things such as pharmaceuticals and automotives and hopefully by the end I will be qualified enough (and good enough of an understanding of the material) to translate for a company such has Honda or Toyota or freelance translate while still being a teacher.
        You are very skilled as it is. Have you ever considered taking a path similar to what I have planned?

        • I only vaguely considered doing something translation related as a job, I think I prefer it more as a hobby since I get to pick and choose what I want to do. Your plan looks pretty solid; a lot of my friends are teaching abroad and it seems like a lot of fun. Good luck!

  3. Kartik Saraf says:

    Thank you so much! You’ve made my Christmas that much more special!

    Happy holidays and have a nice winter break!

  4. Have a very nice christmas! My first reaction here, I can not thank you enough for keeping those translations going. You really deserve a vacation :P

  5. Happy holidays! Enjoy time with your family and friends, I hope this next year to be great for you, enjoy your trip!
    And thank you so much for your translations! It’s been three years, isn’t it? I admire your perseverance!

  6. FrenchyEllie says:

    Have you considered asking a writer to edit the translation? I am shocked to see the work you have put into this. Excellent job. Having a fiction writer edit the translation could smooth out a few issues while remaining true to the original language. With your fan base, I am sure that there’s someone out there interested in doing this. I can imagine you don’t want to lose loyalty to the original, but some minor changes could make it a much more brilliant read in English. I have done translation work with Ancient Greek and understand the dilemmas of translation. However, I’m also a writer and I couldn’t help but edit a few things in my mind while reading. Food for thought! Thanks for your work.

    • I’ve considered it, but that would be a lot more work than I have time for now. I know translating between languages can involve restructuring entire sections of the text in addition to just stylistic editing, and I can’t see myself being able go back and forth with someone to produce it in a reasonable amount of time given schoolwork and stuff. It is a great idea though

  7. Stephanie says:

    I’ve come back to your translation off and on again over the course of a year or so, and I am honestly in awe and (delighted) shock to see how close you are to completion. I hope to go–someday–into literary translation myself, with a focus on SF, so you’re doing quite what I admire! Have you considered submitting this to a publishing company, especially considering the prospect of an official translation is still pretty dim as far as I can see?

    Also, do you use any machine-assisted translation software? Or just your own notes and a program like Word? I’d love to learn more about your process and how you decided to take this project on while still continuing it.

    Wonderful and amazing job, keep going!

    • eerabbit says:

      Heya, I go about it the old-fashioned way–just the book and a dictionary when I need it (at least the dictionary is digital haha). The translation is way too rough to be considered for publication and I don’t have the time to edit it extensively, so it’ll probably just stay the way it is. Thanks for reading!

      • Stephanie says:

        (Having looked into it) That’s the thing, if you’re accepted by a publishing house they’ll provide you with the editors. Usually you submit a chapter or two to gauge interest, then the full length if they ask for it, then on from there. Nevertheless, your prose is honestly very well done and I’m definitely looking forward to the completed PDF to download :)


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