an English translation of the novel

More translations!

I’ve been seeing some awesome people translating the novel into various languages; glad that the novel is reaching a wider audience! Here are all the ones I know of so far:

Let me know if there are others and I’ll put them up (:

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  1. I’m the translator of the novel in italian, thanks for your translations, i really liked the show and i decided to read the novel, thanks a loto!

  2. Cheers for the translators :3

    Winderfind. T4DW SSY Proyect Leader.

  3. Thanks for these links and thanks for your hard work!

  4. Hi. I love your translation, you’re doing a great job which I am extremely grateful for (just like many others) and so I have a question – I figured you’ll see this comment anyway so commenting on this post is just as good as any other, especially since this exact post is kind of relevant to my question.

    The thing is, I would like to translate your translation to Polish (yeah, not the greatest idea, but still better than trying my luck with Japanese, since the only language I am fluent enough besides my mother tongue is English, which isn’t even the case with the majority of our society I believe). Hence I am asking for your permission. It’s totally okay to turn me down by the way, I respect your opinion on your own hard work more than anything else, as a fellow translator.

    Anyway, thanks for working on this. You’re doing great. Have a good day c:

    • eerabbit says:

      You’re more than welcome to translate this! I think it’s great to be able to share the novel with everyone who wants to read it (: If you want, I’ll put the link to your website here too so that maybe more people can find it.

      Good luck!

  5. Sorry, but project with russian laung. Stopped. Can I translate it, please?

  6. Julie de Slytherin says:

    Hi. I’m a huge fan of this LN. I feel so sad since this novel is not popular in my country as it supposed to be so I want to translate your translation from English to Vietnamese in order to promote it to reach more people. Can you please give me the permission to translate and share it on my blog? I promise to credit you and send you the link when I’ve done it.

    Btw, I’m very impressed by your translation ^_^ Have a nice day <3

  7. Chinese edition had published last year and someone has already posted the image of the novel on Baidu Tieba.

    This is the PDF version for Book 1(Book 2 temporary not ready) Password:4dek

  8. Hello!
    Russian URL is no available, so I decide to translate it into Russia. Can you please add my link?

  9. Is someone already translating this to portuguese? if not, I’d be happy to try to make a brazilian portuguese translation.


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