an English translation of the novel

Page 10-11

I woke up with my heart racing.

Then I recalled where I was. At once, the anxiety caused by the real world swept away all traces of the dream. How long had I been asleep? If Satoru’s intuition was correct, we were still in danger.

Listening carefully, there were no sounds other than Satoru’s breathing.

I realized there was something near my pillow. Two bowls on a wooden tray. I picked it up, but couldn’t tell what was inside. I sniffed it and smelled the faint scent of miso. Just then, my stomach let out a loud growl. Thinking back on it, I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch yesterday.

There were no chopsticks, but something roughly carved out of bamboo that looked like a lotus. I hesitated for a second, then put the lotus into the bowl and brought it to my lips. I didn’t know what was in it, so I tasted it carefully. It was extremely bland, like porridge with nothing in it, but before I realized it, I was spooning fervently from the bowl.

The bowl was empty in seconds.

In my hunger, I looked greedily at the second bowl. It was his share, but if he continued to sleep like this, he wouldn’t need it tonight.

Of course, I wouldn’t actually steal his food, but being only half full was even more unbearable than not eating at all.

I tried to wake Satoru. Though I knew that I should just let him sleep. To be completely honest, I wanted to shake him awake and tell him that there was food, and have him say that he didn’t want it so I could have it instead.

I shook his shoulder, but he didn’t wake up. It was pointless. He had single handedly stopped a blowdog from exploding and thrown another deep into a cave. On top of that, he had already been exhausted and wasn’t in any shape to be using his cantus to begin with. If he hadn’t managed to muster up the last of his strength then, we would all have been blasted to death.

Embarrassment flooded through me and I stopped shaking him.

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  1. Thank you!!!!

  2. I hope Saki can recover her cantus soon D: so the two of them won’t be completely defenseless…
    Thank you for the update :D

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