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Page 101-102

Shisei Kaburagi’s gaze traveled over the fallen Koufuu Hino. His expression didn’t change, but a aura of burning rage radiated from him.

“I will deal with this. Everyone, please suppress your cantus,” he said calmly, though the terrible force of his anger was still palpable.

He removed his sunglasses.

A silent stir rippled through the crowd. Very few people had ever seen Shisei Kaburagi’s face.

He had large, almond-shaped eyes that shone with a clear light. Now that his entire face was revealed, he looked almost handsome. Except for his strange irises.

There were two pupils in each eye, each surrounded by a golden iris that glittered in the darkness. This was a genetic trait passed down through the Kaburagi bloodline, and was said to be proof of the family’s extraordinary powers.

Speaking of names, Shisei’s true name was 四星1. 肆 was an alternate form of 四, and it had the added meaning of ‘to kill’.

“Filth,” Shisei Kaburagi said in a low voice.

Two holes appeared in the bubbles holding the pent-up explosion. The suppressed energy shot directly at the two remaining false human queerats.

The caltrops tore through them at such high speed that their torsos were instantly vaporized. The remnants of their bodies hit the ground with a thud.

Shisei Kaburagi turned his terrible gaze upon the crowd. Everyone stood rooted to the spot, not even daring to breathe.

Suddenly, about a dozen people were lifted into the air. Looking at the suspended, struggling forms, I realized that they were all false humans.

“Did you think you could deceive me?”

The queerats were catapulted out into the darkness at supersonic speeds like ricocheting pachinko balls.

“Watch out!” I shouted.

The few soldiers that had survived Koufuu Hino’s slaughter had gathered up their remaining ammunition and were sneaking up behind Shisei Kaburagi to launch one final attack.

1 四星 means ‘four stars’.

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  1. hmm, so, can shisei’s name also be interpreted as starkiller?

    • No. Both 肆 and 四 are “four”. 死 is the kanji for “death” which is pronounced “shi”. The whole Japanese superstition came from 四 and 死 being homophones, but 四 doesn’t have the “death” connotation itself.

  2. I think is OK to insert the name’s meaning inside the text, in brackets.

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