an English translation of the novel

Page 104-105

Shun laughed and squirmed as if he were being tickled, but didn’t really resist.

I guess I only imagined him noticing my presence.

Without standing up, I turned and crept away. If I kept watching, I’d go crazy.

I had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen anyway. Earlier I had accidentally seen two boys from team three making love with each other.

At that time, I had observed out of simple curiosity. It was obvious that the two were too sex-crazed to notice anything else. They lay on top of each other in opposite directions, each with the other’s penis in his mouth. Occasionally, it went so deep into their throat that even I felt like throwing up. But it didn’t seem to be enough for them. Obviously, as boys, they couldn’t have sex the proper way, but it didn’t stop them from trying. The sight of their penises thrusting violently reminded me of minoshiro mating.

I had zero interest in seeing Shun and Satoru engage in such a stupid act.

Feeling miserable, I left the area. I wanted more than anything for someone to comfort me. One person came to mind.

I went looking for Maria after I got back to town and found her at home on the back porch. Thankfully, all her family members seemed to be out, but there was still an annoying third wheel. Mamoru.

“Saki, what’s wrong?” she asked in a bright, clear voice.

In the past two years, Maria had grown into a young woman with beautiful arched eyebrows, sparkling eyes, a straight, perfect nose, and expressive mouth who carried herself with confidence and determination. The only thing that hadn’t changed was her flame-red hair.

“I just suddenly wanted to talk to you,” I said, smiling at her while throwing Mamoru a cold look.

Mamoru avoided my gaze and slid out of sight.

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  1. I was awaiting for this sexual intimacy to happen eventually (I spoiled myself when the anime aired), but I am still flabbergasted by the graphic description (even more so than the last update). Saki has a dirty mind. :D

    To the translator: I suppose you had/have fun translating this part? XD
    And keep up the great work translating the rest of the novel(s)! ^^v

  2. >but there was still an annoying third wheel. Mamoru.
    >while throwing Mamoru a cold look.
    Way to be a bitch, Saki.


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