an English translation of the novel

Page 105-106

There was movement in the crowd. First to stumble forward was Mr. Kaneko. His face was deathly pale and shock seemed to have rendered him speechless. Next came my parents, and a wave of relief washed over me. I was certain they had survived, but seeing it for myself brought tears to my eyes. I ran forward and embraced them.

Behind them, I saw Tomiko walking calmly toward us.

“How’s Koufuu?”

“He’s gone,” Shisei Kaburagi said.

“I see… Every queerat that was even marginally involved with this will be exterminated. All others are considered suspects until further notice.”

“Of course.”

“I never thought this would actually happen,” Tomiko said in a harsh voice.

“That Yakomaru. Do not underestimate his intelligence or the extent of his plans. Doing so was what killed Koufuu, powerful as he was. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Please don’t worry. Attacks are useless against me.”

“True. You have a 360 degree field of vision with no blind spots, and can even see through objects used for cover. Your reflexes surpass the highest limits of normal nerve cells. Even I can’t think of a way to bring you down. …still, I can’t help but feel uneasy.”

My parents started giving instructions to the members of the Security Council to deal with the situation. My father, in his capacity as mayor, began giving brisk orders left and right.

“The injured who require medical care, come this way. Are there any doctors or nurses here?”

I suddenly realized someone was missing.

“Um, where’s Hiromi Torigai?” I asked Tomiko.

She grimaced slightly and shook her head.


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