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Page 111-112

Satoru quickly summarized the summer camp incident.

“I see. It’s true that he’s exceptionally cunning, but still, I just don’t believe the queerats can win this. They probably bet everything they had on tonight’s attack.”

“That’s what I thought too…”

I got the feeling there was something Satoru wasn’t saying.

“Earlier, when we were heading to the square, we ran into another queerat troop. I killed them.”

“Did you? Good job.”

“Yeah, but when I checked the tattoos in the corpses, they weren’t the Robber Fly colony’s.”

“It wasn’t?”

I gaped. I was supposed to be the expert in queerats, and I hadn’t even noticed. That was mortifying.

“It said ‘Other’1. That’s the Spider Wasp’s tattoo.”

“Spider Wasp? That’s the colony the Robber Flies attacked, isn’t it? I heard the Spider Wasps went over to their side for some reason,” Kuramochi, who had been listening carefully while steering the boat, said sharply.

Most people had already heard about this.

“Yes, and that’s the big mystery. I can’t figure out why they would do that.”

“Hm. What’s your theory?” Fujita asked.

“…the Spider Wasps must have believed the Robber Flies were sure to win. So in order to ensure their own survival, they betrayed the Giant Hornets.”

“As I thought, they did believe there was a chance of wining. But it looks like they overestimated the Robber Flies. …still, it must have sounded like a convincing plan,” Fujita smiled slightly and shook his head. “There’s one other thing that bothers me. The fact that the Robber Flies did manage to annihilate the Giant Hornets. Kiroumaru is an experienced commander and his soldiers are the best of the best. How were they defeated so easily? I don’t think a surprise attack like tonight’s would have as much of an impact on a queerat army.” His smile faded.

1 The first kanji in Spider Wasp, 鼈, is pronounced betsu, but they used a simpler character 別 for the tattoo, which happens to mean ‘other’.

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