an English translation of the novel

Page 112-113

“I think you should stop too.”

“If I don’t do anything, it’ll die!”

I calmed down, drove their voices out of my mind and chanted my mantra.

“But this is really bad.”

“We were taught to be compassionate to all living things, right?”

I focused on the queerat bobbing in the water. The problem was that it kept moving and all the leaves and debris made it hard to get a grasp on its size.

“…it’s easier to lift it up along with the leaves,” Shun said, realizing my dilemma.

I cast him a grateful glance and tuned out the others.

I concentrated on lifting the mass of leaves, imagining it rising up. Finally, it broke the surface tension and hovered above the water.

Water trapped in the pile cascaded into the canal. Bits of leaves that had escaped my notice fluttered down. The queerat should be somewhere in there, though I couldn’t see it. I slowly guided it toward the shore. Everyone stepped back to make room.

I gently dropped it on the path.

The queerat was alive.

Thrashing and kicking, it managed to turn over and cough up a flood of water and bubbles. Up close, it was pretty big. It was probably a meter tall fully upright.

“Wow, it looked like you just scooped it up with a big net. That’s a perfect levitation.”

“Yeah, thanks to your advice.”

As I was basking in Shun’s praise, Satoru cut in.

“What do we do now? If the school finds out…”

“As long as they don’t find out, it’s fine.”

“I’m saying what if they find out?”

Maria came to my rescue.

“Everyone absolutely has to keep this a secret, okay? For Saki’s sake.”


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