an English translation of the novel

Page 123-124

“It’s okay. We’ve already killed all the bastards that were waiting to ambush us, so now there’s no chance of being attacked from behind.”

“But still…”

“Cover me.”

Satoru stepped quietly off the boat and walked toward the hospital entrance. He checked the area carefully then came back.

“Kuramochi’s not there. He probably went farther inside.”

“I see. Could you go take a quick look?” Fujita wheedled.

My temper flared. I wasn’t going to watch him walk into a death trap.

“No! Let’s call for help! It’s too dangerous to go alone.”

“But everyone’s in trouble right now. They can’t spare more people for this,” Fujita said reproachfully.

“Stop giving these flippant suggestions when all you’re doing is sitting safely on the sidelines! Since you have such great ideas, why don’t you go instead?”

He fell silent, looking ashamed.

“Satoru, you can’t! Don’t go inside!”

Satoru looked conflicted, but came back to us.

“But we’re not getting anywhere at this rate.”

“And your death will get us somewhere?”

This finally seemed to get through to him, and he faltered.

“No, I didn’t mean…”

Obviously he had never outgrown the bad habit of not thinking about the consequences when he got too involved in something.

“…okay. Fine. I see your point, Watanabe,” Fujita said soothingly.

“Let’s raze the entire building. There’s no other solution. That way, if there are any queerats hiding inside…”


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