an English translation of the novel

Page 124-126

“Hurry and clean up, you guys,” the Sun Prince clapped his hands at us.

I put the broken vase back in its box.

“Shun, aren’t you coming?” Maria asked.

Mamoru stood closely behind her. Everyone else had left, leaving only the Sun Prince and the five members of team one.

“Yeah,” Shun stood. He looked pale, and there was still a trace of that twisted smile on his face.

“That,” Maria pointed at the egg stand.

As he reached out to pick it up, Shun suddenly lost his footing. His hands jerked and the egg fell from its stand.

Everyone expected him to stop the egg before it hit the ground. After so much practice, all of us were able to mentally compress and chant our mantra in a split second. Of course Shun would be able to make it in time.

But the egg fell to the floor, and broke.

What happened? Was he sick? We all stared at him. I was the only one who paid any attention to the broken egg.

No, there might have been another person who noticed.

“Now now, hurry along, you guys. I’ll clean up the rest,” the Sun Prince forced his way between us with alarming speed, pushing Shun and Maria by the shoulders. The next second, we found ourselves herded out of the practice room.

“Shun, are you okay?” Satoru asked worriedly, apparently forgetting that he had been dumped.

“Yeah,” he replied, not meeting Satoru’s gaze. “It’s nothing…I’m just a bit tired.”

“I think we should head home early today,” Maria said uncertainly, brows furrowed.

I was more worried about Shun than anyone else, but I didn’t say anything. No, I couldn’t say anything.

What I had just seen come out of the egg was burned into my retinas.

The thing, covered in a layer of mucus, was not a chick, or anything even remotely similar to a chick. It was a monster.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Maria pointed at the egg stad.

    Shouldn’t that be stand? (無駄だ)

  2. Wasn’t there a description of the monster looking like a eyeball somewhere in your translation? I R ember it, but now I can’t seem to find it.


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