an English translation of the novel

Page 125-126

“How could you say that? You’re supposed to be our leader.”

Surprisingly, it was Okano who had interrupted.

“There could be survivors in there. Oouchi and Kuramochi too. Razing the building… Are they all just collateral damage to you?”

“No, that’s not what I meant at all…I was thinking we could take the building apart bit by bit,” he stuttered.

“Ah, over there!” I shouted, looking up.

There was a faint light in the third-floor windows.

“What’s that?”

Satoru noticed it too. A flickering light. It hadn’t been there earlier when we first arrived. And it probably wasn’t visible when we had set the paddies on fire.

“Someone’s there…” Satoru started toward the hospital again. “It’s not a firefly. This is someone’s cantus.”

{He could have told me that it was will-o’-the-wisp and I would’ve believed him.}

“It’s probably someone signaling for help. We’ve got to go.”

“What if it’s a trap? I mean, if they have the time to make a ball of light, why not just open the window and shout for help?”

Satoru shook his head. “They might not be able to. Maybe they’re badly hurt and can’t move. Anyway, I’m going. I don’t know who it is, but I can’t just leave them there.”

He had made up his mind this time and there was no point stopping him.

“Fine. I’ll go too.”

“No, Saki…”

“If you go alone, who’s going to cover your back?”

I stepped off the boat, a little unsteadily since I still wasn’t used to my clogs.

“I’ll come too,” Okano said quietly but firmly. “It’s safer with three people.”

3 Responses to Page 125-126

  1. {He could have told me that it was will-o’-the-wisp and I would’ve believed him.}

    Though I had never made will-o’-the-wisp, explnation by Satoru, who was expert in light, was convincing(pursuasive?). (So Saki believed the light was made by cantus.)

    • >Though I had never made will-o’-the-wisp, explnation by Satoru, who was expert in light, was convincing.

      hmm that doesn’t really connect with what Satoru said before, or what comes after.

      Does the sentence basically mean that Saki will believe whatever Satoru says because he’s the expert?

      • Again it is very difficult for me to explain in English!
        It’s not that Saki will believe everything Satoru says.
        I guess this sentence is written just because the author wanted to emphasize that the light is made by cantus.
        Anyway, don’t take it too seriously. The story makes perfect sense without above sentence^^;


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