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Page 131-132

“It would be better if you didn’t look.”

Satoru led Okano away from the corpse. I hugged her as she sobbed.

“It doesn’t look like he suffered. He probably died instantly,” he said.

I thought the same. We had lit the fields on fire the second Kuramochi entered the hospital. He had probably turned to see what was happening and was struck by an arrow from behind. The queerats then dragged his body to the third floor and used it as bait to try to kill us.

“Look over there,” Satoru said, walking farther down the hall.


“It’s fine. There aren’t anymore soldiers lying in wait. Now we have to figure out where that light we saw was coming from…” he stopped speaking abruptly.


“Saki, come here!”

He rushed into one of the rooms on the right side of the hall. We chased after him.

My eyes fell upon an utterly unbelievable sight.

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    thanks so much for translating ^^ i really love how often you update and how your translations flow so naturally

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