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Page 133-134

Three large, cocoon-like objects hung from the ceiling. The strangeness of it shocked me at first, but I soon realized that they were sheets wrapped in bandages like an Egyptian mummy. From the black hair sticking out of them, I could tell they were human. The chest area of the cocoons rose and fell slightly. They were still alive.

“Get them down.”

Working together, we held the cocoons up, cut the bandages tying them to the ceiling, and slowly lowered them to the floor.

We unwrapped the sheets to find three people. One, Dr. Noguchi, was a doctor I had been to. The other two were a nurse and a cleaning lady, Seki and Kashimura. All three were blindfolded and had their hands tied behind them. When we untied and removed their blindfolds, they sat staring into space and shivering like frightened animals.

“Are you okay?” Satoru asked.

They didn’t respond.

“Maybe they’re hurt. A concussion or something.”

Okano looked them over carefully but found no injuries.

“Or maybe they were drugged…?”

Satoru tilted their heads up and looked into their eyes.

Something about this situation was making my hair stand on end. I wouldn’t have been half as scared if we had come in and found three brutally murdered corpses. I couldn’t help feeling that something was incredibly wrong.

But I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Umm, so the light we saw was made by one of them?” Okano asked skeptically.

“I guess so. I can’t think of any other explanation.”

“If that were the case, shouldn’t they have been able to free themselves?”

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