an English translation of the novel

Page 135-136

“No…they were too well restrained. Being blindfolded meant they couldn’t see what they were doing and it’s extremely difficult to use cantus in that kind of situation. And I imagine they must have been afraid of falling from the ceiling as well. Plus, they were still under surveillance by the queerats.”

“Then what about that light?”

“They must have tried as hard as they could to recreate the hospital layout from memory and layered the image of a firefly over it. Their only hope was that someone would see the light and come help them.”

As Satoru and Okano talked, I finally figured what was wrong with this whole situation.

“Satoru…why do you think these people were being held captive?”

“Huh? Because they were ambushed? It’s not that surprising. Yakomaru’s plan has already killed dozens of people.”

“But these people are alive. They could have been killed easily if they were attacked from behind. But they were captured alive without a struggle, and the queerats even went as far as to blindfold them. …this can’t be normal.”

Satoru said nothing.

“…this should never have happened,” Okano said, sounding unnerved. “Anyone with cantus would have been able to fight against being taken hostage, or against any other type of situation. And there were three of them…”

“But we can’t be sure that they were able to fight. They could have been knocked unconscious, or tranquilized, or something. There’s just no way to know what really happened…”

Satoru folded his arms in contemplation.

“…ah. Aah. Aah.”

Dr. Noguchi seemed to finally be coming around.

“Are you okay? We’re here to rescue you. Everything’s okay now. We’ve killed all the queerats,” Satoru said, kneeling in front of him.

“R…run. Hurry,” Dr. Noguchi said hoarsely.

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  1. You are so awesome for doing this.
    When I changed computers I lost the link for this and was so worried they’d have been stopped by now!

  2. “But we can’t be sure they they were able to fight. ” typo ;) too many “they”, probably missing “if” or “that”


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