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Page 136-137

The little bulldog ran after him, wagging his tail. He wasn’t very good at running to begin with, but his steps looked even more unsteady now.

Then I noticed that Subaru’s right hind leg seemed to be injured. No, that wasn’t right. There was something weird about it.

But before I had a chance to take a closer look, he had disappeared into the deepening twilight.


“In other words, we have to find out where Shun went,” Satoru said quietly.

“But how?” I asked uncertainly, though Satoru’s words did cheer me up a little.

“How? With every possible method,” he said, completely unfazed.

“Are you still trying to get back with him?” Maria said, giving him a cynical look. “Now that we know he didn’t break up with you because he hates you.”

“That’s not my intent,” Satoru answered levelly. “Anyway, don’t we all have a lot of questions to ask him? Are we really under surveillance? What did he mean by watching out for cats? And…” Satoru’s hand clenched into fists, “what in the world is going on with Shun?”

I felt my heart twist painfully. I hadn’t told anyone about what I had seen in the broken chicken egg. I knew instinctively it had a direct connection to whatever problems Shun was facing right now, but if I said it out loud, then my fears would become reality, so I couldn’t say anything no matter what.

Shun hadn’t gone to school in four days. We gathered behind the school building after classes were out and were having a huddled discussion.

“…but if they’re really watching us, wouldn’t it be better not to do anything that stands out?” Mamoru said carefully.

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  1. And thus the suspense thickens…..can’t wait for the next couple of pages, keep it up!!!

  2. Suffering is coming.

  3. The “deep” part has started approaching :'(
    Anyway thanks a lot for your translation :) One question I wonder : you have nearly reached the 169th page, which is the end of part 2, so what will you do next? cuz as you know the Baka-tsuki translator Dusanh had already done chapter 3 to next part’s 45% of chapter 3.

    • Good question, I hadn’t even realized this was coming up. (I think I’ll make a news post about this when I get even closer.)

      I’m going to keep translating the parts Dusanh has already done. Mostly because I want to read the story in the original language, but also because I think I would have a better feel for the translation as a whole if I do it in order. I can try to go through those sections faster (more pages per update), but last time I did that I had a lot of little spelling/grammar typos, so if quality starts dropping again, then I will go back to normal speed.

      Sorry to everyone who’ve already read it and have to wait extra long before they see new updates! :(

      • I thought you would do so too :) But just keep on with the current pace. Overdoing may affect negatively to your passion, especially consider that you still have a long way to go. Just do normally and us fan never forget our thanks :)

      • It’s really great that you are going to translate those parts too! Nice to read the whole text being translated by one person, not by two independent translators.

        You are doing a totally great thing. Thank you very-very much!


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