an English translation of the novel

Page 143-144

“Look closely; it’s a ball, not a wheel.”

The main body of the pusher had a ball set into the bottom. Since you could only see about half of it, it looked like a wheel.

“It looks like the body is just riding on the ball. If something bumps into it, won’t it fall off?” Satoru said calculatingly. “They should have stuck it in all the way.”

“No, if they put it in as far as possible, it’ll be easy for sand to get in, which would be a disaster. But even as it is now, I think it would break soon anyway,” Shun said doubtfully.

“If sand stops the ball-wheel from moving, then it’s the same as just pushing it normally, right? They probably just want to get a good start to break through our defense,” Maria said calmly.

Our questions were answered as soon as the match started.

“Two of them…!” I exclaimed in surprise.

The two aces of team two, Ryou and Akira, were both controlling the pusher.

Ryou was probably operating the body of the pusher to direct the marble ball, while Akira concentrated on keeping the two halves together as well as removing anything that might jam the ball-wheel. Having two people use their canti in such close proximity is dangerous, so most people would avoid having multiple people control one piece, but in this case the benefits far outweigh the risk.

Since the ball-wheel didn’t create much friction against the ground, they could move it smoothly with their canti. Even when they were moving as fast as team five had been, they had perfect control over the marble ball.

Even though we tried as hard as we could to defend, the pusher zig-zagged easily through the gaps in our defenders.

Satoru’s defender pulled a sharp u-turn chasing after the pusher and crashed into Mamoru’s slow-moving one, sending it flying off the field.

“It’s damaged,” I told Shun, sighing.

“Looks like it. That pusher is really something. Now we can only count on your idea working.”

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  1. Another question, why you said “canti” against “Cantus”?

    • it’s supposed to be the plural of “cantus”, but of course in the japanese text there’s no difference.

      i’m thinking about changing all of it back to “cantus” at some point

  2. I have a question in this line: “it’ll be easy for sand to get in, which would be a disaster.”

    Where does the sand get in to?

    I am not fluent in english.

    • Think of an old-fashioned computer mouse, with the ball in the bottom. If you rolled that on a sandy ground, it would be easy for sand to get into the hole where the ball is and make it difficult to move

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