an English translation of the novel

Page 147-148

But the evidence was right in front of me. The burnt and dismembered corpses of two people killed by cantus. Only a fiend could have done it.

“There’s no other choice. We have to go out the other way,” Satoru said, looking at Dr. Noguchi’s retreating figure.

“Wait.” I grabbed his sleeve.


“It’s coming…! It’s circling around the building.”

A faint sound was carried to us on the wind. I listened hard. No doubt about it. The sound wasn’t as clear as when he had entered the hospital, but I could hear footsteps crunching on sand and rustling grass.

Wordlessly, Satoru motioned for us to come together. Then he carefully opened the door that we had come through minutes earlier.

He had taken off his clogs at some point and now held them in his hands. Okano and I did the same. With Seki sandwiched between us, we quietly entered the hospital again. Satoru slipped in after us and shut the door carefully.

Just in time. Before we could even catch our breath, we heard footsteps outside the door. It was only two or three meters away.

At the same time, I heard a strange moaning sound. A deep, throaty sound like someone chanting a spell. Then a high, hissing sound, the kind a snake makes when it’s threatened.

The fiend… Outside, just a thin plank of wood away, was the fiend.

I prayed for my life.

God, please. Don’t let it find us.

Lead the fiend away.

Just let everything be…I stopped.

There was no sound. No footsteps. No creepy moaning.

I didn’t hear it leave, so it was probably still standing right outside. It was being quiet for a reason.

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  1. redemption024 says:

    Wow, I just finished watching the anime and after a quick look around I never expected to find an english translation of this. But, oh boy, am I wrong. Anyway, just commenting to say THANK YOU ;)

    • redemption024 says:

      Oh, and shouldn’t this be ‘our’ instead of ‘out’ ?

      Just in time. Before we could even catch ‘out’ breath, we heard footsteps outside the door. It was only two or three meters away.


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