an English translation of the novel

Page 149-150

The fiend was listening. I didn’t even dare to swallow. In the silence that stretched on endlessly, I saw the thing I feared most. The doorknob turning slowly…

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt myself losing consciousness.

But the door never opened.

“Grrrrr…★*∀§▲ЖAД!” the fiend let out a strange, high-pitched sound.

The next instant he gave a victorious shout. Before I could even react, I heard a bone-chilling scream.

I clamped my hands over my ears. It was Dr. Noguchi’s voice.

“Shit! Get away! Fucking fiend!”

The unbearable scream came again. The fiend was toying with him.

“Hurry, this way!”

Satoru sprinted back through the hospital toward the front entrance. He stopped beside the hole in the wall and peeked outside. The three of us followed close behind him. My bare feet were bleeding from being pierced by dozens of splinters, but I strangely didn’t feel anything.

“Who…Who the hell are you?” Dr. Noguchi’s dying shrieks echoed through the hospital.

I gritted my teeth and turned away. There was nothing I could do. Don’t ask. Don’t think. Right now, if I didn’t focus on getting out of here alive…

“The boat looks intact. Hurry!”

Satoru stepped outside and waved for us to follow. We ran as fast as we could, but came to a halt mere inches outside the hospital. Seki had planted her feet and was fighting tooth and nail against going any farther.

“What are you doing? We have to get out of here…hey, snap out of it!” I shouted desperately.

“Saki, hurry. Leave her there,” Satoru said calmly.


“At this rate, we’re all going to die. If we don’t go back and warn the others, the entire district is doomed.

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  1. In the silence that stretched on endlessly, and I saw the thing I feared most.

    The next instant it gave victorious shout.


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