an English translation of the novel

Page 16-17

“Yes. Every form needs to be signed by way of noseprint by the one who reports directly to the Queen as well as another queerat in a high administrative position. …don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”


“This job, you must think it’s stupid. All this pencil-pushing is just for show. What you do is different and actually helps the villages.”

“You’re putting it too harshly.”

Satoru was right.

He had been in the top three in our class in both cantus and academics, and had gotten offers from multiple studios. He could have entrusted his future to the lottery, but instead he chose to work at the Lotus Farms. There was a system in place for public institutions that let him nominate where he wanted to work. Like me, his choice came as very unexpected. But after seeing him do research at the genetic modification lab with Yuu Tatebe, who is second to none in the field, I couldn’t help but think that he had made the right choice.

Since Satoru’s main skill was manipulating light, he was working on creating a new microscope whose magnification would be supplemented with cantus.

“It’s just…the wording is peculiar. Your division deals mainly with queerats, right? So why do they use the word “exospecies” and not “queerat”?”

“Because ‘Department of Queerat Control’ is kind of strange too.”

As I said that, an old question I’d always had popped in my mind. It seems like we purposely avoided using “queerat” and only used “exospecies” at work. They’d even correct you if you said it in casual conversation.

“…anyway, what were you saying about the queerats fighting?” I turned back to the original topic.

“Oh yeah. You probably know already, but our research often relies on queerats gathering samples for us. Sometimes they have to dive to the bottom of the swamps in the forest to find samples.”

“You’re using the Spider Wasp and Ground Beetle colonies, right?”

“Yeah. The Spider Wasps were sent to gather slime mold on the far side of Oakgrove. They were ambushed there yesterday morning.”

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  1. He been in the top three -> had been

  2. Hello!
    I’m just wondering if this is the appropriate expression.

    >Yuu Tatebe, who apparently no one wanted to work with

    In the original, it’s “(生物工学では)並ぶ者なしと評されている建部優”

    並ぶ者なしとされている means “he is second to none” or “he has no equal”, so Yuu Tatebe is definitely the number one in his field of study!

    Does your translation have above meaning? I’m not sure cause I’m not English native.

    ※Please don’t think I’m trying to find fault with your translation.
    I just love SSY and reading it in English is so much fun for me.
    Moreover, it just happens that I have a plenty of spare time now. I’m 暇人.


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