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Page 163-164

“Why?” Satoru asked sullenly.

“Because if this actually happened, wouldn’t blowdogs die before their enemies did? They’d become extinct in no time.”

It was a simple but irrefutable point. Satoru crossed his arms and pretended to contemplate the problem, but I was sure he wouldn’t be able to come up with anything.

Just when it looked like I was right, he started speaking as if there had never been a break in the conversation.

“…mhm. After he met the blowdog, he also saw an evil minoshiro.”

I almost fell out of my seat. “What do you mean ‘mhm’? Hello? What happened to the blowdog problem?”

“He backed off when he saw it swelling, so it didn’t explode. But who knows, maybe the whole thing about it exploding is fake anyway,” Satoru said, trying to slither out of the conversation like a lizard shedding its tail. “And then as he was climbing up Mt. Tsukuba, he encountered an evil minoshiro,” he opened his eyes wide in a show of surprise.

“Is that the same as a false minoshiro?” Mamoru asked.

“Yeah, at first glance it looks like a minoshiro, but if you look carefully, they’re completely different.”

“But why is it evil?” Maria asked, frowning.

“People who meet an evil minoshiro die before long.”

How absurd.

“So how did that guy die? He didn’t, right?”

“He probably will soon,” Satoru said, not batting an eyelid.

If we just left it here, it would be like every other time Satoru told one of his pointless stories. But Shun made a surprising proposal.

“Why don’t we do this for our summer camp report?”

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