an English translation of the novel

Page 165-166

Who cared about the locks.

“Forget that. What happened?” I said impatiently.

“Same as when Shun and Satoru were there, nothing. Apart from the five little brick rooms in the back.”

I remembered what Shun had said back in Harmony School.

“There are wooden doors on the buildings, but they look super sturdy. Probably made of oak, four or five centimeters thick, and there are cast iron bars over it, with these hinges…”

“I don’t really care about the doors. Get to the point and tell me what you saw!” I shouted in irritation.

Maria had great concentration and observational skills, but sucked at summarizing what she saw.

“Sorry. Anyway, we wanted to find out what was inside, but couldn’t open the doors without destroying them.”

“I’m sorry too. I just really wanted to know what you guys found.”

“Yeah, so we put our ears against the door. We heard something.”

“What did it sound like?”

“A low growl. And then footsteps like some big animal walking back and forth. I could tell that whatever it was had noticed us too.”

“Wait a second. Is there that much room in that shed?”

“Uh-uh. I think the building is just an entrance that connects to a basement or a cell underground. The presence of that thing seemed to come from below.”

“Hm. But in the end you still don’t know what was making that noise?”

“Don’t jump to conclusions. We did see it afterwards. Though not its entire body.”

I resisted the urge to snap at her to hurry up and listened quietly.

“Mamoru and I were about to peek into the building when I heard the bolts on the door turning. Someone was coming into the courtyard. There was nowhere to hide so we jumped behind the buildings. Just in time too. The door opened the next second and they came in.”



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