an English translation of the novel

Page 165-166

“The evil minoshiro?” I was surprised.

“That, blowdogs, and other creatures. This is a rare opportunity, so I want to find out whether they exist or not.”

“That sounds interesting,” Maria and them agreed immediately.

“Wait, guys, do you even know what you’re saying? If you meet an evil minoshiro, you’ll die.”

As expected, Satoru was trying his hardest to dissuade us from this idea, in fear that his lies would be exposed.

“No one’s going to die,” Maria snickered.

“But how are you going to catch one? I forgot to mention, but cantus doesn’t work on them.”

“What do you mean?”

Who knows what he was saying out of desperation. We all turned to look at him.

“Um, I’m not too sure.”

“Explain it anyway.”


In the end, Satoru surrendered to our volley of questions. So our camp research topic was decided.

But thinking rationally, there’s no way that you’d be able to find so many rare animals. So we decided to keep the originally vague theme, “Species Around the Tone River”, so that in the case we couldn’t find anything, we could write about normal minoshiro, haythatchers, and stuff like that.


Let’s return to the summer camp. Not ten minutes after finding the warbler’s nest, I let out a little shout.

“Look! There’s a huge nest over there.”

For some reason, Shun raised his eyebrows doubtfully. “It looks like a yellow bittern’s.”

“Yeah. One that big probably is,” Satoru agreed.

It was rare that they had the same opinion, which somehow made this more believable.


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