an English translation of the novel

Page 18-19


“They aren’t sure which colony the attackers are from, just that they suddenly fired upon them. The Spider Wasps were unprepared for fighting and had to retreat. Still, a number of them died.”

“…maybe some hunters made a mistake?”

“No, the Spider Wasps were in an open area. The attackers hid themselves and ambushed them. It was clearly on purpose.”

I thought about it. The queerats were a warmongering species, but I couldn’t think of a colony that would make such a show of force in a time when there wasn’t much tension between the groups.

“I wonder if they knew they were attacking the Spider Wasp colony.”

“I don’t know. Why?” Satoru looked a little indignant.

“For one, the Spider Wasps aren’t a weak colony. They have considerable fighting power and they’re allied with the Giant Hornets. It would be like sending a declaration of war to the Giant Hornets.”

“Going against our rules, provoking the strongest colony…it must be a foreign species.”

We were both remembering the Ground Spiders. Only a foreign species unfamiliar with the rules here would take such reckless action.

“But there haven’t been any foreign colonies around in a while. Whenever foreign scouts are spotted, the colonies report it to us immediately.”

Satoru stood up and went over to the window. He crossed his arms and looked out.

“I thought someone here would know something. But the mystery’s only deepened.”

“So did the Spider Wasps come to you to tell you about the attack?”

I suddenly had a strange feeling about this.

“No, one of our men ran into the Spider Wasps in the forest. They asked for help so he searched the forest with them, but the attackers were long gone.”


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