an English translation of the novel

Page 183-184

I couldn’t stand here and argue with him forever, so I nodded.

Suddenly the area was lit as if by a spotlight. I looked up and saw that the aurora filled the entire sky. A curtain of pale green hung across the sky, blended with ripples of red, pink and purple light.

“How…? Shun, are you doing this?”

I knew that the aurora only appeared at the north and south poles. Although I didn’t understand how it worked with solar wind and plasma and whatever, I could tell that pulling off a stunt like this was something not even Shisei Kaburagi could do.

“…I would have to break our promise if a tainted cat attacked us while we’re talking. Let’s go to the bungalow,” he jerked his head at the building behind him.

I noticed it for the first time. The wavering light from the aurora shone upon a small house, strangely crooked, as if seen through a distorted lens. The beams supporting the building were twisted, and the straw on the roof stuck out in all directions like an angry porcupine.

“Why is the house all weird?”

“Even now, I still keep trying to change it back to normal.”

He went in through the oval doorway and I followed.

“Ten minutes…I think I can keep it under control for that long.”

Wasp balls that had been strewn all over the floor lifted into the air. I felt like I had walked into a hornet’s nest as the balls hummed loudly.

“What is this for? It’s so noisy.”

“It can’t be helped. Bear with them for now.”

Shun crossed the dingy room and sat down at a large wooden table. Its warped surface was covered with books and piles of paper.

“Will you sit over there?”

He indicated a chair at the other end of the room. I shook my head and stood in the middle of the bungalow, looking around. Everything was deformed in some way, even things made of what were supposed to be sturdy materials like wood and stone. I felt like my senses were malfunctioning or that the fabric of reality was wearing thin.

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  1. Gah. My patience is wearing thin waiting for the core info to occur. =__= Lol. ^^;

    Thanks for the translation and keep up the great work! ^^v

  2. Anonymoo says:

    understand the how it worked -> understand how it worked

  3. Ayane91 says:

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to translate the novel, I’m totally in love with it.


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