an English translation of the novel

Page 184-186

“Beautiful. It’s like I’m in space.”

I would remember this night until the day I died.

Hakuren 4 floated not on a river, but the Milky Way.

A voice came traveling on the wind, from far away. Satoru’s voice. I looked back and could barely see the fire.

“Should we head back?” Shun asked.

I shook my head silently.

I wanted to stay here for just a little longer. With Shun, in this perfect world.

Our canoe drifted through the starry sky. I leaned back on my right hand to enjoy the view.

After a while, I felt Shun’s hand, his slender fingers covering my own.

I wished time would stop. Just Shun and I, linked together like this forever.

I don’t know how long we stayed like this. What brought me back to reality was Satoru’s voice coming from far away. It seemed like he was panicking because no one was coming back.

“Let’s go,” Shun said.

This time, I nodded. It would be mean to leave Satoru all by himself for too long.

We swung the boat around. Shun used his cantus to propel us back up the river, and the stars scattered into the waves.

Just as we were hitting a comfortable speed, I was blinded by a feeling of uneasiness.

Exactly how fast were we going right now?

The river and its banks melted into the darkness, leaving me completely unable to recognize anything.

{In a situation where our senses fail, even having the god-like powers of cantus can’t dispel our uneasiness.}

Then, a thought came to me.

If we were to shut ourselves off from our senses, would we still be able to use our canti?

Then, following that.

Why was it that there was nobody who had lost their sense of sight or hearing living in our town?

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  1. Saki x Shun. OTP. ;_;


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