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Page 20-23

After our battle with the Ground Spiders, the sentries seemed much more relaxed around us. They bowed silently when they saw us pass by, but made no other movements.

Then, it should be easy for us to slip off into the night without too much difficulty. That was the plan. But a commotion erupted behind us and we froze.

“Gods! Where are you going?”

Squealer. We returned slowly.

“You’ve woken. Have you eaten?”

“Yes,” Satoru said, smiling stiffly. “It was quite good.”

“Is that so? Our food is completely different. All they have here is that bland miso porridge. The Giant Hornets are not used to entertaining guests. Just for reference, what did you eat?”

How should I answer? Why was he asking such unnecessary questions anyway? I was starting to get annoyed.

“That aside…what are you doing?”

“Well, I was working until just recently. I’m not complaining. Since the Giant Hornets saved us and all. General Kiroumaru was injured in the explosion and writing reports is difficult for him. Speaking of, in such a huge army, General Kiroumaru is the only one who can actually read and write Japanese, if you can believe that.”

“What report?” Satoru asked sharply.

“Ah, a simple account of the subjugation of the Ground Spiders was sent to Kamisu 66.” Squealer looked blankly at us as we both started asking him questions.

“Saki, you go first.”

“Okay. What did you write about the subjugation?”

“Of course, the details of the entire battle. From us being attacked by poison gas until the part where reinforcements arrived…”

“Did you write about us too?”

“Huh?” Squealer looked suspiciously at us.

“I mean, if you write something weird, our teacher will get mad at us when we go back.”

“Don’t worry. I will not write anything dishonoring the two people we are most grateful to.”

“But, what exactly did you write?”

“Ah, well. About how the gods were lost and met the Robber Fly colony by chance, and after that, how the  gods helped us escaped safely from the Ground Spider’s ambush, stuff like that.”

“Nothing other than that?” I asked, relieved.

“Of course not, just…”

“Just what?”

“Since the two of you seem to have exceeded your physical limits, I thought you needed extra care, so I made a request out of concern for you.”

“What do you mean, we’re not well?”

“Ah, well, in this fight, the male god seemed to be the only one using his power. The male god is no doubt fatigued, and I thought perhaps the female god was ill.”

This meddlesome rat. Despair and anger clouded my vision. I looked pleadingly at Satoru.

“…Squealer. You said you were working until just now?”

Why was Satoru asking about something so irrelevant?

“Yes. I finished just a while ago.”

“Then how are you sending the report? It’s too dark now to send it by carrier pigeon, isn’t it?”

“Yes. The Giant Hornet colony uses pigeons for emergency communications during the day, and bats at night.”

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