an English translation of the novel

Page 201-202

“It would be bad if we were found out. But I kind of want to go see, since I don’t think we’ll get another chance to come here in the future.”

With these words, it was decided. Satoru came up with the sneaky idea of going to our formerly planned camping spot and leaving traces to make it look like we spent a night there.

“That way, when the next group comes along, they’ll think we were actually here, right?” he said, sounding pleased with himself.

I’ve never seen him look nearly as happy after doing something actually worth praising.

We set out across the lake again, going faster than was prudent. A small tern flew above us, challenging us to a race, but Sakuramasu 2 caught up to it in seconds. The bird wheeled around and flew out of sight.

I stretched out at let the breeze flow over me. I took off my hat before the wind blew it away and let my hair fan out behind me. My poncho-towel flapped and fluttered.

Even though I couldn’t see anything but water around me, I didn’t get tired of the view. The sun glancing out from between the clouds made a dazzling display on the crystal clear water of the lake, and the spray from our boat made miniature rainbows in the air.

I was so into the scenery that it took me a while to notice my vision going weird. Colors started flickering in front of my eyes and I saw afterimages in the corners of my eyes.

Turning around, I saw Satoru staring intently at the surface of the lake. When trying to move something, like a boat, on water, you first concentrate on an area in front of the boat, and try to reduce the distance. {But after gaining speed, you have to imagine pushing off the water and gliding over it in order to move.}

Both ways involve a lot of concentration and is tiring to do for a long time. Plus the fact that the boat is constantly moving up and while you’re staring at a fixed spot means that it’s easy to get seasick.


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