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Page 202-203

“Watanabe-san, please proceed to the Temple of Purity as Tomiko-sama advised,” Niimi shouted above the din.

“What about you?”

“I will relay Tomiko-sama’s message to Kaburagi Shisei.”

“Then I’ll go with you. I’m the only one who knows there’s really a fiend out there.”

Even if Kaburagi Shisei heard the townspeople panicking about the fiend, he might think they were simply overreacting, or that it was just another of the enemy’s tricks. After Koufuu Hino, he was the only person who could do anything against the fiend, so I had to tell him everything I knew as soon as possible.

We walked along the edge of the road, taking care to avoid being swallowed up by the crowd. In such a packed space, no one could use cantus. The sight of everyone scrambling to save themselves made us seem more like our primitive ancestors than exalted beings with god-like powers. We were regressing, becoming cave-dwelling troglodytes who believed in ghosts and trembled at the sound of howling winds.

The sky was covered with dull, leaden clouds. The rain that had come all of a sudden had trickled to a stop.

“Kaburagi Shisei should be here,” Niimi said. “Earlier, all the uninjured people cleared out an area and set up a first-aid tent. Then they reformed into new patrol groups.”

“But all these people…”

My heart sank looking out at the sea of people. How was I going to find Kaburagi Shisei in this mess?

As I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, the sky above suddenly brightened.

Giant, glowing words appeared in front of the backdrop of clouds.


Please stay calm.

There is nothing to fear.

I will protect everyone.

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  1. he was the only person who do anything against the fiend

  2. “As I pushed by way to the front of the crowd” perhaps pushed “my” way?


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