an English translation of the novel

Page 206-207

Commotion surrounded me. The screeching of chairs being pushed back. The rhythm of footsteps on the wooden floor. The vibration of students jumping around. The sound of steam whistling from the pot on a stove in the middle of the classroom.

Voices with strange accents. Boisterous laughter. Conversations muffled as if I were listening underwater. Low mutters from an unknown person.

Everyone wanted someone to hear their words. But when all these voices joined together, they filled the air with a meaningless buzz.

Even if the thoughts of every person in the room were spoken aloud, they might all be the same thing. Each individual’s thought has meaning, but when you put them together, they lose direction and become nothing more than a chaotic blend of noises. Just like our leaking cantus.

I was lost in a sea of incoherent thoughts. Leaking… What was it?

“What are you daydreaming about?”

The words appeared on my notebook. The ‘o’ in “you” had a winking face drawn in and the ‘u’ in “about” had been turned into a happy face. I turned and saw Maria looking somewhat concernedly at me.

“Just thinking about something.”

“Let me guess. It’s about Ryou?”

“Ryou?” I frowned.

Maria took my confusion to mean something else.

“No need to hide it. You’re worried about whether he’ll pick you, right? Don’t worry. He definitely likes you.”

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  1. fine translation, but where is chapter 205 ?

  2. lol Ryou.
    Shun was too powerful for his own good.

  3. “Voices with a strange accents”

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