an English translation of the novel

Page 208-209

“I am deeply ashamed I couldn’t save everyone,” he said, his voice full of anger and bitterness. “But we will avenge them. Let us vow to eradicate these cursed and ugly creatures from the land of the gods, from the archipelago of Japan…”

A loud blast interrupted his speech.

Queerats had appeared from a tunnel leading to the sinkhole and were firing in formation. Another troop appeared from a different tunnel and shot hundreds of arrows into the air. They had only one target: Kaburagi Shisei.

But before they could reach their target, the bullets and arrows vanished, as if transported to a different dimension.

“Your tenaciousness is quite admirable. But unfortunately, you are powerless before me.”

The queerats were pulled out of the hole by an invisible hand. There were hundreds of them.

“Is there one that speaks our language?” he asked.

No one spoke. The queerats seemed to know that they couldn’t escape and were quietly waiting for the end.

“Don’t think I’ll have pity and let you die peacefully if you stay silent. Not after your egregious betrayal.”

The queerats began to writhe in agony.

“Unbearable, isn’t it? I’m sending pain signals through your nerves. There’s no real injury being done, so you won’t die from it. I can keep this up until someone talks.”

One suddenly cried out.


“Oho. You’re quite fluent. Where’s your supreme commander?”

“Kii! I don’t know…ghh!”

The tortured queerat squirmed, foaming at the mouth.

“Death! Death! Death!”

The crowd seemed to have regathered its wits and began chanting again.

“Tell me! Or else…” Kaburagi Shisei lowered his voice threateningly.

But the queerat suddenly spasmed and went limp, eyes rolled back, drooling and moaning senselessly.

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