an English translation of the novel

Page 208-209

Ryou Inaba. A cheerful boy who I had known since childhood. A natural leader everyone looked up to. But…I was suddenly filled with a sense of discomfort. Why him?

“Ryou’s in team two though. Why would he choose me?”

“What are you saying, all of a sudden?” Maria exclaimed. “That was only in the very beginning, wasn’t it? Ever since he joined team one, he’s always hung out with us.”

Oh right. Ryou had been added our team partway through. Because team two had six members and we only ever had four.

But why weren’t there enough members to begin with…

“Saki, are you okay? You’re acting kind of weird,” Maria put her hand on my forehead as if to check if I had a fever. Then she suddenly closed the gap between us and kissed me on the lips.

“Stop it,” I turned away hastily.

No one was looking at us, but I felt embarrassed all the same.

“See? Now you’re all better,” she said.

“I wasn’t asking you to do that.”

“You’re hoping someone else would, eh?”

“I wasn’t thinking that!”

“You two are pretty close,” Ryou appeared behind Maria.

I felt my face turn red. Maria was going to misinterpret this too, I thought, and turned even redder.

“We’re living out our love here. You jealous?” Maria asked as she hugged me to her chest.

“A little, to tell the truth.”

“Of who?”

“Both of you, I guess.”


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