an English translation of the novel

Page 212-213

He was dressed in a military outfit and his arms and face were decorated with intricate blue tattoos. He stared straight ahead at Shisei Kaburagi.

“Are you really a fiend…? But why? Who are you?” Shisei Kaburagi shouted.

My eyes went wide.

This was my first time ever seeing the boy. But I knew exactly who he was.

His refined features resembled Maria’s almost perfectly.

And his hair was the same vibrant red, with Mamoru’s untamable curliness.

The fiend was a memento of two people from the distant past.

“Grrr…★*∀§▲ЖAД!” he shrieked in a high, wild voice.

A couple roof tiles lifted into the air and shot toward Shisei Kaburagi like bullets. They hit an invisible wall and disintegrated.

Tree roots began creeping out of the pit. The next second the supporting beams of the houses on both sides came bursting through the walls.

But the attacks were useless. Before the beams could crush Shisei Kaburagi, they were broken into a million splinters. The tree roots went up in flames before they could wrap around his legs.


The fiend suddenly stopped short. It stared at Shisei Kaburagi, as if puzzled that his prey was putting up such a fight.

“It’s useless. I can easily see through your primitive attacks,” he declared. “In any case, let’s see how I can deal with you.”

The houses on either side of the fiend collapsed as the ground slid away under them. Even the cobblestones crumbled into sand and sank like an antlion’s trap. The fiend jumped away with the dexterity of a wild animal, a look of surprise on his face.


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