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Page 214-215

“Umm, not really…”

Satoru’s face popped into my mind, but I quashed the idea immediately. He was a good friend, but I didn’t see him in a romantic way.

“Why are you choosing me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Ryou answered confidently. “You’ve always been the only one for me.”

“Always? Since when?”

“When? It’s kind of hard to put a finger on something like that, right? But if I had to decide…I guess,” Ryou suddenly looked a little uncertain, “when we were together during summer camp.”

I remembered the star-filled night from two years ago.

“What’s your favorite memory from camp?”

“That…all of it. Being together in the canoe. Oh, remember when you were so into the scenery that you almost fell in the river and I caught you at the last second? That was a close one.”

I frowned. Did that really happen? There had been some dangerous situations during camp, but we had been separated during those times. So wouldn’t it be more normal to remember our first night of camp, or the day we were reunited?

“What about night canoeing?”

“Night canoe?” Then he remembered. “Oh yeah, that was fun.”

Fun… The memory of that night was important to me, and I didn’t like that he summed it up with such a banal word.

We passed by Satoru on the way back to the classroom. He was looking in our direction with a strange expression on his face, but his gaze wasn’t on me. No surprise there since he and Ryou had been in a relationship a while back.

But the look in his eyes gave me goosebumps. It wasn’t a look of jealousy or infatuation. I can only describe it as an expression of pure confusion. Like someone who had seen something completely irreconcilable with reality.

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  1. >Satoru’s face popped into my mind, but I quashed the idea immediately
    Geez, Saki, it took you 12 more years to finally be honest about your true feelings. ^_^
    But seriously, her special bond with Satoru is implied so much.


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