an English translation of the novel

Page 215-216

Although it took much more effort than expected, I was satisfied with our result. The sight of the three tiger crabs on the ends of their leashes reminded me of the ancient method of cormorant fishing. We set off looking for the false minoshiro, keeping an eye on the crabs to make sure they don’t get too close to each other.

We thought that the crabs would be unhappy about being bound and led around on a leash, but we were wrong. Or if they were unhappy, we couldn’t tell; all they did was eat. Everything alive within reach was snatched up and devoured.

At first, we were worried that once they ate their fill, the tiger crabs would stop searching for more food. But instead, they continued forward, dismembering their prey with their sharp claws. {The sight of  snakes and toads wriggling in pain seemed to put them off, and they moved on after that.}

If nothing came of the search after all this, everyone would probably hate me for coming up with such an unpleasant idea.

But barely an hour later, Maria’s tiger crab hit the jackpot.

“Looks like it got something again,” Maria peeked under the shrine and grimaced. “Seems like something big this time…”

We all cringed when we heard that. The sight of a tiger crab gorging itself on a larger mammal was something no one wanted to see.

“Pull it out and see,” Satoru said, turning away.

“Help me.”

“You can do it yourself, right? Just use your cantus to pull in the ropes.”

“But it’s creepy,” Maria looked at us imploringly.

I have to confess that I ignored my best friend’s plea and pretended to be occupied with my own tiger crab. I was still feeling slightly ill from having seen Satoru’s crab disembowel its prey just a while ago.

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  1. John Doe says:

    How far do you think you’ll be willing to take this translation? It isn’t looking like any others will be willing to take it on at this rate. I really do appreciate this service you’re doing and would like to see as much as possible

    • eerabbit says:

      As far as I can, since I want to read it as much as everyone else haha.
      Though it’s going to take me so long that an official translation might actually be out before I finish…


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