an English translation of the novel

Page 219-221

“That’s because you keep trying to hypnotize us.”

“The use of defensive light hypnosis by terminal machines is sanctioned under ordinance 488722, item 5. Please cease your destructive activity immediately.”

“You stop hypnotizing us, then I’ll stop ripping your glowy things out.”

“I repeat my warning. Please cease your destructive activity at once,” the false minoshiro repeated obstinately.

“I’m warning you too. If you don’t stop, I won’t either. I’ll rip out all those glowing things!”

Surprisingly, the false minoshiro stopped shining. Seems like that simple threat was effective enough.

“Are you guys okay?”

The four of them still looked like they were in a stupor.

“Undo the hypnosis, now! Or else I’m going to start plucking again,” I said warningly.

The false minoshiro replied hurriedly, “Effects of light hypnosis wear off in time. The National Institute of Psychiatry’s report, number 49463165, states that there are no observable side effects.”

“Undo it. Now. Or else….”

I didn’t need to finish the sentence. The false minoshiro suddenly let out a piercing noise and I ducked instinctively, covering my ears. The four of them started moving as if waking up from a dream.

I turned slowly back toward the false minoshiro, bursting with questions I wanted to ask it.

“Who are you? What are you?”

“I am the Tsukuba Branch of the National Diet Library.”

“A library?”

“If you are inquiring my model and version, I am a Panasonic Automotive Archive, Autonomous Evolution version SE-778H Lambda.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but no matter what sort of monster it was, that was an absurd self introduction. It was like someone walking up to you on the street and saying “Hi, My name is National Library”, or “I’m a school”.

“Are you saying you’re actually a library?” I asked cautiously.


I looked over the false minoshiro. Now that it had stopped wriggling and glowing, it definitely looked man-made.

“Where are the books then?”

“All paper based print interfaces have either decomposed, or have been lost through wars or other destructive activity. No remaining existences have been confirmed.”

“I don’t really get it, but the point is there are no books? So you’re just an empty library?”

“All information is archived in 890PB of holographic memory.”

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    >860 PB
    Good god that’s a lot of books.


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