an English translation of the novel

Page 222-223

I had no idea what it was saying.

“…if you’re trying to confuse us with big words, maybe I should just tear out all those feeler looking things.”

Making threats wasn’t something I was particularly fond of doing.

“The contents of the books are stored inside me, and can be accessed at any time,” it replied immediately.

That was better, though I still wasn’t completely clear how it worked.

“What kinda books?” Satoru asked conversationally.

“All 38,242,506 volumes published in Japan since 2129 AD and 671,630 reference volumes in English as well as other languages.”

The five of us exchanged glances. Kamisu 66’s largest library, in Hayring, had under three thousand books available to the public, and if you included all the books in storage underground, the total amounted to maybe ten thousand. That a body as small as the false minoshiro’s could hold over four thousand times that number was a lie not even Satoru would dare to tell.

“Accessed at any time means that you can read them whenever you want?”

“That is correct.”

“So if I asked you any question, you’d be able to find the relevant book out of all the ones stored inside you?” I asked doubtfully.

“Yes. The average query time is sixty nanoseconds,” boasted the false minoshiro, or rather, the Tsukuba Branch of the National Diet Library.

I didn’t know how long sixty nanoseconds was, but I assumed it was something like sixty seconds.

“T-then…I want to ask…!”

I suddenly became really excited. I could get answers to everything I’ve ever wanted to up til now. Hundreds of questions came to mind all at once. Just as I was about to speak, Satoru interrupted with the most useless question in the world.

“Why are there so many toads around here?”


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