an English translation of the novel

Page 228-229

After class, we had gathered near the deserted waterway. Maria wanted to celebrate the four of us being paired off . Satoru and I told her the truth about what had happened. Rather than simply being doubtful of our story, she looked as if she suddenly thought we had gone insane.

“That’s why it wasn’t him. There were five people when we went to summer camp, but Ryou wasn’t with us.”

“That’s impossible. I remember him. He was the first to find the haythatcher’s nest.”

Actually, I was the one who found it, but this wasn’t the time to argue details.

“That wasn’t Ryou.”

“Then who was it?”

“I don’t know. I can’t remember his name.”

“What was he like? What did he look like?”

“I can’t remember his face either.”

I remembered him saying in the dream that he didn’t have a face.

“Do you really expect me to believe this? Is there something wrong with you, Saki?” Maria shook her head, smiling wryly.

I was offended by her condescending attitude.

“…but I can remember parts of what she’s saying,” Satoru said, coming to the rescue. “I remember going out with him…but now that I look back on it, I just can’t see it being Ryou. He’s not my type.”

“Well we all know you go for cute little pretty-boys…like Rei.” Maria folded her arms, looking smug. “Sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing. Maybe he was just persistent enough.”

“No, I was the one who had to persuade him,” Satoru said, turning red. “Anyway, I’m sure that our memories have been manipulated. The details just don’t add up.”

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