an English translation of the novel

Page 230-231

“Like what?”

“Ryou…no that’s confusing, let’s call him a different X. I remember going to X’s house a lot when we were little. But it’s different from Ryou’s house. He lives in Outlook, right? It’s up on the hill in an open area. But X’s house is…”

“In the forest!” I shouted without thinking.

“Right. Way in the north. I remember it being a huge, isolated house.”

“Now that you mention it…I’m starting to remember as well,” Maria said, frowning.

Even with that expression, she still looked beautiful.

“I’ve never been to Ryou’s or X’s house.” Mamoru suddenly spoke. “But where would this forest to the north be?”

I had been thinking about this too, but couldn’t come up with anything that fit.

“Hey, name all seven of the towns in order,” I said to Satoru.

“What? Now?”

“Just do it already.”

Up until now, I never thought that Satoru would take orders from me, but he was surprisingly obedient now that we were duty pairs.

“Um, Oakgrove, Withertree, Whitesand, Gold, Waterwheel, Outlook, and Hayring, right?”

It was my turn to frown. These towns had been around all my life, but why did they sound so weird?

“If it’s in the forest, would it be Oakgrove? But if it’s in the north…” Maria had a look of intense concentration on her face now. “Withertree, I suppose. I’m not positive, but I don’t think there are any big houses there.”

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  1. Thank you so much for your work! I just started this novel yesterday and realized that there are still three parts to go :O I am so glad that there is someone willing to truly finish it, so I’m not hanging in suspense, and your translation is so well done :) Though I wish an actual company would take over so you wouldn’t have so much work, I am so happy with what you’ve done! Thank you thank you thank you <3


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