an English translation of the novel

Page 231-232

Unawares, Maria had come up next to me and was clasping my hand tightly. How did humans come to wield such a god-like power? The story of its origin was always vaguely glossed over in history textbooks.

“…the number of PK users grew rapidly and eventually reached 0.3 percent of the entire population. In the ensuing years of societal disorder, further statistical data was lost. However, a rise in the percentage of people diagnosed with schizoid personality was documented.

“Only 0.3 percent?” Satoru muttered doubtfully.

I couldn’t believe it either. What had happened to the remaining 99.7 percent of the population?

“What do you mean by societal disorder?” Maria asked.

“In the beginning, ordinary people ostracized PK users. Even though they only had weak abilities, it was more than enough to potentially destroy the social order of that time, and PK users kept that fact well hidden. For Japan, this destruction began with the Boy A incident.”

“Boy A? Is that his name?” Mamoru’s brows furrowed.

“At that time, it was common practice to withhold the names of minors involved in criminal activities, so a codename was assigned.”

“What did he do?” I asked.

At the worst, I expected the answer to be that he had committed robbery or something like that.

“A’s powers were rudimentary, but one day he realized that he could open any lock he came across. Using this ability, he repeatedly broke into homes in the middle of the night, raped nineteen women in their sleep, and killed seventeen of them.”

We were frozen with shock. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. Rape. And murder. …killing people.

“Wait a sec! That’s impossible! Because wasn’t A human? A human killed another human?” Satoru asked hoarsely.


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