an English translation of the novel

Page 233-234

“Yes. Following A’s arrest, the number of crimes involving PK increased, but most went unsolved often because common methods of surveillance were rendered useless with PK. Normal people began attacking PK users as a whole, beginning with personal harassment and elevating to public abuse that nearly ended in executions. In defense, PK users formed their own factions and the most zealous of them proposed establishing a PK-exclusive society. Indiscriminate terrorism by PK users followed. The resulting political, ethical, and philosophical conflicts plunged the world into an age of violent discord. Without previous experience in this situation, there appeared to be no end to this world war.”

I turned mutely to look at the others. Fear had wiped all other emotions from their faces. Mamoru was cowering on the ground with both hands over his ears.

“…country with the greatest military power, America, started a civil war in order to eradicate all PK users. Using electric shocks to distinguish between normal people and PK users, and the wide-spread availability of guns, the population of PK users in North America dropped from 0.3 to 0.0004 percent in a short amount of time.”

Satoru kept shaking his head, whispering, “This can’t be true.”

“…on the other hand, the scientific superpower, India, successfully differentiated the DNA of normal people and PK users, was researching methods for controlling peoples’ genes. Unfortunately, their search was unsuccessful, but the data garnered were found to be useful later on.”

As if in a dream, I gazed at the animal-machine caught between the pincers of the tiger crab. Could it actually be a demon sent from hell? It would lead us astray with its strange words, and eventually make us go insane.

“…ironically, because their lives were continually being threatened, the surviving PK users’ abilities evolved rapidly.  At first, PK was thought to be the projection of energy from the breakdown of sugar in the brain. Because of that, it should have been naturally limited to the amount of sugar in the body. But that was incorrect. In reality, there was no upper boundary to how much energy could be used. At that time, the strongest PK user had enough power to stop a nuclear attack. So the balance of power shifted to the PK users and governments all over the world collapsed. The history books we have now make no mention of the past civilization because it was, in essence, completely reset. The wheel of time was reversed, and we returned to the dark ages. Due to war, famine, epidemics, and other disasters, the human population fell to under two percent of what it was during the Golden Age.”

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  1. omgoshhhhajss intense ;;;;

  2. Anonymous says:

    Holy crap there’s a lot of exposition that was cut out of the anime, I’m loving it.

    • eerabbit says:

      yeah it’s too bad that in the anime you can’t see the extent to which the author went to create a background and story universe

  3. I think the anime did quite well…really, most of the backstory did indeed get through. The extra bits are fascinating, though.

  4. So I did some math- basically, there were 21,000,000 PK users. When the USA attacked that was brought down to 28,000 That’s a lot of death…

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