an English translation of the novel

Page 234-235

There were large fissures here and there into which many trees had fallen. In some places, the ground had been vertically displaced a meter or more. It looked like the aftermath of a huge earthquake, but if there had been an earthquake of this magnitude, the entire district of Kamisu 66 would have been severely damaged.

Spreading out over a large area was what looked like a giant wrinkle. It formed a miniature mountain range over three meters tall in some places.

“What in the world happened?” Satoru whispered to himself.

“It must have been someone with a really powerful cantus to do something like this,” Maria replied.

“Why, though?”

“I don’t know any more than you do.”

We stopped short as the path forward was blocked.

“The Holy Barrier…”

The red pines had fallen on each other like dominoes. At intervals, the trees had been pulled upright and tied with the thick rope of the barrier.

“Was Withertree always this small? We’re already at the barrier,” I said.

Satoru examined the rope.

“No, this rope is new…” he suddenly stopped and looked at me.

As if by telepathy, I knew exactly what he was thinking. Deja vu. We had had this exact conversation before; I was sure of it.

We walked along the rope and arrived at an open space on a hill that had been cleared of trees.

“I never knew something like this existed,” Maria said, sounding awestruck.

A deep blue lake stretched out before us. It was almost a perfect circle, as if it had been formed from a crater. Since it was on the other side of the barrier, we couldn’t go nearer for a better look, but it was easily over two hundred meters across.


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