an English translation of the novel

Page 244-246

The faceless boy. I wasn’t going to let him be forgotten just like that. It would mean he had never existed in the first place. I would get back my memories of him no matter what.

The three of us embraced, kissed, comforted each other and drew strength from each other’s presence.

We headed back to the dock just outside the town of Waterwheel. The place was usually empty, and the fence that ran along the waterway made it the perfect spot for our meeting.

As we untied our boats, a voice called to us from behind.

“Do you have a minute?”

I turned to see a middle-aged man and women standing on the dock. There weren’t many people in Kamisu 66 I had never seen, but these two were completely unfamiliar to me. The woman who had spoken was short and plump and gave off an aura of harmlessness. The man was also slightly chubby and smiled kindly at us.

“You’re Saki Watanabe, right? And Maria Akizuki, and Satoru Asahina?” he said.

“Yes,” we answered confusedly.

“Don’t be so nervous. We would like a few words with you, that’s all.”

Were we going to be eliminated? We glanced at each other, but didn’t know what do to.

“Um…are you from the Board of Education?” Satoru asked bravely.

“No, we’re working under your grandmother.” The plump woman smiled at him.

“Really?” Satoru relaxed.

What was going on? I had never heard anything about Satoru’s grandmother before. The woman saw the confused expression on my and Maria’s face and smiled again.

“Satoru Asahina’s grandmother is Tomiko Asahina, the head of the Ethics Committee.”


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