an English translation of the novel

Page 247-248

So that’s what it was. A warm  feeling of relief spread throughout my chest. The blood of the emperors didn’t flow through our veins, much less those of the bandits. We were descendants of the group that always sought to protect logic and rationality.

“…but how did that society become the current one? The commoners of the slave empires and the hunter-gatherers didn’t have cantus…PK, right? Where did they go?” Shun asked in rapid succession.

The false minoshiro seemed to have anticipated this. “There are few reliable sources from the past few centuries. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question.”

“Why? The scientists must have kept records, right?” Maria pursed her lips.

“They did during the Dark Age. But in trying to impose control and create a new society, different policies were adopted. Since all knowledge is essentially a double-edged sword, they wanted to control the flow of information as strictly as possible. Unfortunately, this meant that a lot of books were burned. The Tsukuba Branch of the National Diet Library, in other words, I, analyzed the situation and determined that this was a dangerous situation. For the time being, I decided to hide out in Mount Tsukuba along with numerous backups.”

The false minoshiro’s definition of ‘for the time being’ seemed to encompass a couple centuries.

“After that, the library’s outer shell changed, growing feelers to imitate a minoshiro. Even if a cantus-wielding human came along, I could use light hypnosis, one of my add-on features, to make a getaway…”

“I’m not asking about that!” Shun snapped. “How did the society change from theirs to ours? No, maybe it didn’t change. The scientists were the ones that created the current society, right? If they were our ancestors, they would’ve had cantus. But unlike the emperors and bandits, they never fought. Why is that?”

“Isn’t that…” obvious, I wanted to say, but swallowed my words. 

I realized it wasn’t obvious. If our world was really like one of Scheherazade’s stories, then human history was an incredibly bloodstained one. In other words, if this living thing called a human was intrinsically so violent and bloodthirsty that even tiger crabs pale in comparison, then why was our current society so peaceful?


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