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Page 256-257

Somehow that didn’t make me particularly happy. I recalled Maria saying that I was strong. Didn’t that just mean that I was insensitive?

“So my score is high?”

“Yes, wonderfully so. Possibly the best in the history of the Academy.” Suddenly a sharp look came into her eyes. “But that’s not all. The most remarkable thing is even after all of you discovered the truth, there was no permanent decline in your score.”

I felt the blood rush to my face. “What are you referring to…?”

“From the false minoshiro, you learned the blood-stained history of our society, and the thin ice of peace upon which we now tread. After you returned, we subjected you to a thorough psychological assessment and monitored your subsequent behavior. Your personality index stabilized in a remarkably short amount of time after the initial shock. The other four took much longer to return to normal.”

So after learning the truth, we had been observed like guinea pigs. Although I had expected that to some degree, it was still a huge blow to me.

“Could it be…you had it planned out since the beginning?”

“Hardly.” The kind expression returned to Tomiko’s face. “We’d never take such a big risk. All we knew was that you were planning to break the rules. But catching a false minoshiro…a library terminal from the previous era, nobody could have predicted that.”

Was that true? I couldn’t bring myself to trust her completely.

“So the results of the test…”

“No. To be able to shoulder the fate of all the people as their highest leader, one needs to have a broad mind and nerves of steel when faced with the truth. You have both.”

Broad-minded was a convenient phrase. Anyone could accept something beautiful. The important thing was to be able to calmly accept the dirty and ugly things as well.

“We broke the rules and learned what we weren’t supposed to. Why weren’t we disposed of?”

Even though my tone had suddenly become accusing, Tomiko did not seem to mind.

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  1. Oohh it’s getting to the good part!!!! XD

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  2. Thanks! this is one of my favourite scenes from the anime.

  3. “The most a remarkable thing is even after all you discovered the truth”
    This should be “most remarkable” and “all of you”

    “Could it be…you had in planned out since the beginning?”
    “had in planned” ???

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